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   Chapter 319 Conflict! A Strange Feeling (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6964

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Molly stood frozen, unable to do anything.

Already in great pain, Brian remained indifferent to Molly.

The air inside the room, which appeared so huge, was suddenly filled with tension so thick that you could cut a knife through it.

Gripping the steering wheel so tight caused Molly's palms to turn red, and she began to feel the pain as she held the medical kit. Her heart grieved over what happened. But she refused to let Brian see her sad, so she lowered her head immediately.

A pause was necessary so she could overcome the weariness in her heart. Wordlessly, she forced herself to control her feelings so she could help stop the bleeding. Brian's wound started to worry her. It was her fault that he got hurt so she would endure his indifference and any words or deeds meant to humiliate her.

"Don't touch me!" Brian's cold voice broke into her thoughts. His left shoulder had turned numb, but he still felt the blood running through his veins like these were about to push out of his skin. Brian could already imagine how terrible it would feel once he removed his clothes.

Pressing his lips as he endured another fresh bout of pain, Brian was feeling so many emotions inside him. He refused Molly's attempts to take care of him because he did not want her to see his wound. He knew it would be horrible, and he wanted to spare her from the gruesome sight. While he couldn't understand why he felt this way, Brian resolved to be firm. Pain and confusion were weighing him down. But it was Molly he was concerned about.

Motionless for several minutes, Molly could hardly move. She blinked then turned to look at Brian. She clamped her lips to keep herself from crying. When she felt tears threatening to fall, she quickly lowered her head and kept blinking to hide her sorrow and anxiety.

Casting a sidelong glance at Molly, Brian felt his temples throbbing. With voice devoid of emotion, he started to speak. "You've already seen what happened today. You will be in danger if you go out. So, don't cause me any more trouble," he said gruffly.

Her eyes we

did it matter when she tried to hide her grief from him?

"Mr. Brian Long, the doctor has arrived," John announced, interrupting his thoughts.

He averted his gaze to conceal the conflicting emotions he was feeling. After several seconds, his expression turned cold and indifferent like it usually was before acknowledging the doctor's arrival.

The doctor moved efficiently. He was all business and in greeting, he said,"Mr. Long, where shall we perform the surgery?"

"In here!" Brian commanded.

He removed his bloodstained coat and white shirt, exposing his strong, tanned body. Blood had begun to harden around the small hole where the bullet pierced his shoulder. The area was already swollen and made worse by the blood which was now deep red. It was a ghastly sight.

After inspecting the wound, the doctor frowned deeply. He wondered why Brian did not immediately deal with his injury and took time to summon him. He began taking out supplies and implements from his professional medical kit and started working to treat the wound. As he began to cleanse the wound, he asked,"Do you need anesthesia?"

"No!" was the clipped reply. The patient remained calm and was cooperative.

The doctor grinned secretly and kept quiet. He began to sterilize the scalpel and forceps in preparation for the surgery.

The bullet clanged loudly as it landed on a surgical tray.

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