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   Chapter 317 A Gun Fight (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5662

Updated: 2019-03-05 11:43

Brian didn't expect Molly to respond like that. He froze as Molly pressed her body against him. Her arms wrapped around his neck made him weak in the knees and unable to move or even reciprocate. The sensation was unlike he had ever felt. All of this relaxed him as he realized that in his heart, he was happy. He was so happy that it almost hurt him. He was scared he wouldn't ever be this happy again. He could feel the pulse in her wrists as he reached out to touch her.

Molly was still crying. There were so many things going through her mind and she didn't have the strength to straighten them out. All she could think of was the horror of what had just happened. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks and she made no effort to wipe them away. At that moment, she smelled something odd. Her fingers had seemingly touched something sticky. She pulled away to look at her hands. She was horrified to find that it was blood. She looked at Brian terrified. The thought of him being shot scared her.

She opened her mouth wanting to say something but unable to. She raised her hand and tried to comfort him but it wouldn't make sense. There was nothing she could do now. It had already happened. She couldn't do anything to ease his pain. Molly never really was good at hiding her emotions - it always showed in her face. Right now, her face showed her confusion, her fear, and everything else in between. Her head was spinning and she was gasping for air now.

"Don't cry, I'm okay. This isn't a serious injury." Brian's voice was as calm and composed as usual. He raised his right hand and gently wiped her tears away. His face showed no emotion,"Do you think you will be able to walk?"


ts, he had no idea that Brian's load was that many. He estimated that Brian only had nine bullets - he was three bullets short in his estimation. The snipers were able to dodge the first two bullets but the last one lethally hit him right in the shoulder.

Brian was accurately able to calculate the car speed and the speed of his bullets so he was able to hit his target despite the car chase. The wound paralyzed Fox losing control of the car as it crashed into the road barriers.

It was all Fox's fault. He cast a guilty look towards Howard and the two snipers,"Sorry," he said through his teeth.

The snipers remained silent as only Howard could speak for them.

Howard was still in shock. He didn't realize the car was crashing until it had happened and his body was in pain. He glowered as he watched Brian and Molly walk away from a distance. How could they have gotten away? They were so close. Howard was a professional soldier - this was an embarrassment for him. But there was nothing he could do now - all they were left with was a broken car. Howard had lost all battle power and he wasn't happy about it.

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