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   Chapter 316 A Gun Fight (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5882

Updated: 2019-03-05 11:42

Everything that happened thereafter was surreal, as if it had been taken out of the movies. The snipers followed the command that they had just received. They both aimed for Molly at the same time - but they missed. That same second, Brian aimed his gun and fired two consecutive shots. Bang! Bang! The bullets met mid-air and dropped to the ground. Only the howling of the wind could be heard until another round of gunshots started again.

Brian was starting to get frustrated, his face darkening. His gun was top of the line. It could fire twelve shots in a row. In his mind, he calculated how many shots the snipers had left. They had already fired five shots each which means they didn't have much ammo left.

This assured Brian. He started to relax a bit and fired five shots towards the snipers. The first two bullets missed but the last three made it to Howard's car. After which, he heard them fire another two rounds aimed at Molly. He shouted,"Down now!"

Molly ducked at his command avoiding the bullets. The bullets flew over her head and went through the windshield. It was so strong that Molly was shaken. She tried her best to maintain control of the car but it was difficult as she was trembling now. The car skid


At that moment, Brian swooped in and stomped on the brakes. The car began to spin at high speed. Molly's face had been drained of all blood - she was terrified. She tried to still hold on to the steering wheel but her hands were so sweaty now they kept slipping. They were losing control of the car now.

At that moment, Brian thought of something crazy. He held his breath, fired two more shots and waited for the perfect moment - he reached out and grabbed Molly's hand and steered the wheel himself. As soon

ogether and gulped. She looked at him in the eye and slowly shook her head no. She wasn't hurt at all, only her hands were numb for holding the steering wheel too tight for a long time. Mostly, she was hurt mentally, she was traumatized from all that had happened.

Molly was moved by Brian's sincere concern. She had started to tear up as she thought of how Brian had protected her all throughout. He promised her once that he would never let anything happen to her and it was true after all. She looked at him as her eyes welled with tears and gave him a warm and grateful smile.

When Brian saw that she was crying, he pressed his mouth,"What? Are you still scared?"

Molly couldn't hold it any longer, she burst into tears. She reached out for him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She couldn't pretend anymore. Tears were still streaming down her face. She couldn't hide her feelings any longer. She was still scared but mostly at the thought of losing him. For days on end, she had been living in fear at the constant threat of such violence like this to happen. And it did happen and she thought she was going to actually die. This crippled her to no end.

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