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   Chapter 314 Do You Believe Me (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5693

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A shot was heard from a sniper rifle, and Molly was jarred back to reality. The car suddenly surged ahead. Brian yanked the steering wheel. Then another round of shots were fired and the car shot ahead again.

Molly looked behind them and spotted the car that was following them. A man was standing inside the car, protruding through the sun roof. He was the guy with the gun. And just like that, Molly's face went pale. She forgot her sorrow and gave Brian a worried look. She shivered uncontrollably.

Brian felt Molly's fear. He turned his head without emotion. His eagle eyes looked at her deeply. Then he said calmly,"I won't let them hurt you. Do you believe me?"

Molly looked at Brian. She did not know why, but her rapidly beating heart suddenly became calm. She looked at him, and nodded.

Brian gave a shallow smile. He turned the steering wheel and another bullet whizzed by them. He freed one of his hands and pulled Molly's head towards him. He kissed on her forehead and comforted her. "Sit properly, and don't be afraid, understand?"

Molly swallowed her saliva, sitting properly. She grasped her armrest and tried to calm down. She noticed that Brian was a bit nervous. Obviously, those people behind them were not so easy to deal with. She did not want to get in his way.

Brian glanced at Molly, and then he looked at the rear view mirror. He continued to pour on the speed. At the same time, he frowned and wondered why he didn't notice anyone following him. He looked at Molly again. She was fidgeting. The thought occurred to him that maybe it wasn't a bad thing for Molly to be on his mind. If he had let someone else pick her up, she might have died tonight.

Brian grabbed a gun out from underneath the seat. He looked at the car in front of them, and then looked in the rear view mirror to observe the car's position and road conditions. At the same time, he loaded a cartridge and cocked the gun.

Howard shouted,"It's Brian!" After that, he hurriedly shouted,"Don't let him get a shot off!

He was one of our best..." Fox curved the corner of his lips. He had heard what happened last time. He wouldn't let it happen again.

Two snipers had also grabbed brand new clips. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. In reality, it took a few seconds, but it felt like eternity.

Brian squinted his eyes. He firmly took the gun in his hand. He looked at the two snipers on the car in front of him and quickly calculated the best time to fire, that would also evade their shots.

However, the two snipers didn't give him enough time. Their fingers curled around their triggers again. This time... they didn't just want to nab Molly, but they wanted to kill Brian. Molly was worse than useless, and Brian only had that one pistol. There was no way they could be beaten.

"Bang -"

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