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   Chapter 313 Do You Believe Me (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6193

Updated: 2019-03-04 09:29

Edgar had not left. When Molly walked away from his car, he watched her leave. When Molly got in Brian's car, Edgar just went back and sat in his car. He'd been there the whole time. People were always the same. Even though he knew his heart would hurt more the longer he looked at her, he was still reluctant to leave. He just stared at the car Molly entered just now. Even if he knew... he could see nothing but the body of the car, shining under the lights! The windows were tinted so there was no way he could see inside.

He had thought that after Molly got into the car, they'd leave. However, they just kept waiting there…What in the world were they doing in there? Edgar clenched the steering wheel. He smiled in self-mockery. Just when he was about to start the car, he saw the other car door open. Then he saw Molly's hand and half of her body. It looked like she was trying to leave, and then she was pulled back into the car! He had no time to react!

Edgar was afraid that there was something wrong there. He just wanted to get out of his car and find out what had happened to Molly. But he stopped suddenly. He looked at the car door and frowned. His temples pulsed. He tried to suppress the desire to see Molly again.

He didn't know what was happening in the car. But Molly probably didn't want to him to see her right now anyway. Would she be embarrassed?

Edgar's hand tightened around the handle of the door. The sound of the hand shaking the handle reverberated in the narrow space. It sounded unusual and weird. Edgar's breath gradually got heavier. He slowly squinted and held back the pain in his eyes. Even though he felt so heartbroken that he could hardly breathe.

Edgar closed his eyes. He had always been proud of his courage. He never felt that he would be so cowardly. He helplessly looked at his dear woman in the ar

ght. Therefore, he didn't want it around as a reminder. And maybe…it was because of Becky. She was back. He didn't want to risk his relationship with her, so the photo would be inappropriate.

Molly took a deep breath, covering up the sour and sad feeling while sniffling.

Brian was still mad, his thin lips were pressed into a straight line. Poker-faced, he glanced at Molly. His cold face grew even icier.

The tension was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. He turned his head towards Molly coldly and blinked. "You --" Suddenly, he stopped speaking. He looked at the reflection of the rearview mirror near Molly. Then he checked it again in the mirror above him..

Brian stepped on the gas. They were already out of downtown and were now on the road up to the hill. It was past midnight. Except for the wind, it was completely quiet. And since the cat was out of the bag, Fox made no attempt at stealth anymore. He just floored it, trying to keep up with Brian and Molly.

Molly was lost in thought the whole time. She didn't register that the car was going faster, or that someone was following them. She just tightly held the phone, trying to hold back the sadness that flew out from her heart uncontrollably.

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