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   Chapter 312 Do You Believe Me (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5888

Updated: 2019-03-04 09:28

"Molly," Brian gritted his teeth and said,"are you so unwilling to part with it?" Brian was referring to the number. She thought he meant the pic of the snowmen.

The tears gushed out uncontrollably like a flood from a dike. Molly bit her lip tightly and stared at Brian. She felt so much pain in her heart that she could barely breathe. He could dislike her; he could trample on everything she owned. He could even crush her dignity. But why did he sneer at the only photo she liked?

Molly looked at the phone that was still in Brian's hand with tearful eyes. That phone meant something to her just because of the photo. Now… he deleted the photo. She didn't need it anymore!

She took a deep breath and raised her chin, trying to hold back the tears. She swallowed as her eyes filled with tears. Her lips shivered and she inhaled sharply. Then she turned around and opened the car door. Just when she wanted to get out of the car, Brian grabbed her arm tightly. She tried to escape from his grip, ignoring how much her arm hurt.

Brian didn't speak. He just set his jaw tighter and watched Molly squirming in his grasp. Her rebellion was like a small child throwing a fit. He just found it ridiculous.

Molly could not break free from Brian's grasp. She tried prying his fingers, bending his arm. She had done everything she could, but nothing worked. Her fury was plain to see. She couldn't speak so it would be useless to yell. But that didn't stop her from mouthing obscenities.

Looking at her show of anger, Brian was incensed. His deep black eyes turned to dark unknown eddies. He felt angry that Molly got so sad all of sudden. And all because he deleted Edgar's number? At the same time, he felt distressed to see her in such a mood.


ion in his heart that he couldn't figure out suddenly exploded. He completely lost his mind and abruptly dragged her into his arms. He leaned forward, holding her tightly, not allowing her to escape.

Molly's lips were numb. She became more and more fearful. Right now, Brian seemed like a rampaging lion. In his deep eyes, she only saw madness.

Gradually, Molly relaxed her body. She seemed to have accepted her fate. She closed her eyes and just let Brian do what he wanted to do. Instead of hitting him, she just grasped his clothes. It was just that her hands still shook.

Brian looked at what Molly was doing. He gradually regained his reason. He slowly stopped punishing her. Then his lips left Molly's. His deep and black eyes looked at the girl. Her lips were red and swollen. And her eyelids still trembling. The tears on her face had gradually dried up, leaving little tracks that were there if you looked hard enough. Under the dim lights, her face was extremely pale.

Looking at Molly, Brian felt distressed and guilty. He knew what he did. But his eyes inadvertently fell on the mirror. When he saw Edgar's car behind him, aggravation replaced guilt.

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