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   Chapter 311 Do You Believe Me (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5646

Updated: 2019-03-04 09:27

Molly frowned.

She was surprised for a bit. But soon her expression softened slightly.

Brian came to pick her up. That was unexpected. She thought he might send Tony, but here he was as well. He wasn't a normal guy, and she knew that. He didn't do what people expected him to do, ever.

Thinking of this, Molly shrugged her shoulders and sat limply in her seat, resigning herself to her fate.

Brian saw this. He gradually turned colder. His inky-black eyes got dimmer as he got angrier. That night, Tony and Harrow had a meeting to discuss things. Originally, there was someone else that was supposed to pick up Molly. But Brian couldn't take the chance. When the chips were down, could the driver actually protect Molly? And he had promised Eric that he would protect her. What kind of man would he be if he let Molly down? If he let his brother down?

His temples pulsed subtly. His eyes grew deeper and deeper. He felt like a hand was crushing his heart. Swallowing his pride, he came to pick her up. Shouldn't Molly feel flattered? So why was she still stuck on this other guy?

Molly felt uneasy about Brian's deep gaze. She just frowned and looked back at him. She mouthed some words like she wanted to say something. But she did not know what she could say. Not to mention, she couldn't say anything. She just closed her mouth again, and then moved toward the door instinctively.

Brian got more and more exasperated. His handsome face gradually turned gloomy. The edge of his mouth curved a little. He held his hand out to Molly.

Molly looked at Brian's hand. She looked at it and could see something beyond the callouses. She could clearly see a cocoon in the slend

Maybe it was because he was walking with her on a snowy night; or maybe his gentle words moved her... She had not ever imagined she would confess to him.

They'd lived together for more than a month. All her memories about him centered around that snowy night. She said she loved him that night as fluffy flakes fell all around them. They built snowmen together... Memories of her miserable life vanished for a time. All that mattered was that magical night in the snow. Why was he so cruel that he deprived her of the only happy memory she had?

Tears welled up in her eyes when she thought of this. Molly pressed her hands tightly together and looked at Brian with her red eyes. Because of the sadness, her lips trembled.

Looking at Molly's tears, Brian became even angrier. He was good at hiding his emotions and controlling himself. But now, his anger was plainly displayed on his face.

Looking at the rage in Brian's eyes, Molly mercilessly glared back at him. She tried not to let her tears fall any more. She just kept looking at him defiantly. He was the cruel one. Why did she need to feel guilty instead?

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