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   Chapter 310 Why Is He here (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5665

Updated: 2019-03-04 00:17

When she opened the bathroom door, she saw Jenifer. If she could do it all over again, she never would have gone at this time.

Looking at Molly frozen at the door, Jenifer didn't say anything.

Molly was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She had no choice so she just continued walking in.

"Hey Molly, tell me something. We grew up together. Why are you so distant now?" Jenifer asked her. Molly just held her breath and didn't say a word. Jenifer felt a flame leaping inside her chest,"So, do you want to know who you met this morning?"

Of course she was curious. They had known each other since they were teenagers. But they were such different people now, ran in different circles. She was rich and came from a good family. Molly wasn't sure if she could really trust Jenifer anymore.

She shook her head, and went inside the stall. Jenifer raised her voice so Molly could hear. "He's Justin Yan, the military vice president of our country. He keeps a low profile. He's also Rory's twin brother."

At this, Molly halted in her tracks, she exited the stall and stared at Jenifer. She felt confused about what Jenifer had said.

Then Jenifer loftily walked over to Molly. She peered down at Molly with her almond-shaped eyes,"You must be asking yourself why the vice president would waste his time on a lowlife like you."

After hearing what she said, Molly frowned slightly. She hated her thoughts to be sensed by people. And this is why she hated talking to Jenifer, because the girl did look down on her.

"Molly, I won't kill you, but only for Edgar's sake," Jenifer said coldly. "Now you're just in his way. President Yan wants to use you to turn Edgar to the Reformi

Edgar cried,"Molly, let me give you a ride!"

Molly shook her head, then turned her head. Her gaze fell on the Mercedes. Edgar followed her gaze and also saw the Mercedes. He frowned. Molly knew exactly who was driving that car.

Setting her jaw firmly, Molly gave Edgar a glance, then turned to walk over to the Mercedes. Tony came to pick her up, and she didn't want him to report that she talked with another guy for too long. Because he would tell Brian what he had seen, then Brian would punish her severely. She didn't need that.

Molly felt a trace of sadness. Without sparing Tony a glance, she opened the car door and got into the car.

"It seems that you guys had a lot of fun...

Why don't you find a place when you can have a long, comfortable chat?" Brian said coldly. There was a frigid contempt in his tone.

She was shocked by this cold voice, and it took a minute to register that this voice belonged to Brian. She looked at him in surprise. Why was he in the car?

"You look shocked," Brian said icily. His dark eyes became squarely cold and deep. What he saw made him want to rip her to pieces.

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