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   Chapter 309 Why Is He Here (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5483

Updated: 2019-03-04 00:07

But there was no reply. Then she called him again, still he didn't pick up. So she hung up, and rolled over on her back. She had something on her mind.

"Molly, Little Molly..." Becky whispered Molly's name over and over again.

And she made up her mind. She would do anything to win this battle for Bri's heart. 'No one will take him from me!'


At the Grand Night Casino

No matter how much pressure she was under and how unhappy she felt, when Molly was on shift, she would check her feelings at the door and work hard. She was getting paid after all, so she should at least pull her weight.

She went around the casino, serving the drinks from her tray with a warm smile on her face. No one would guess that she was caught up in a difficult situation and in a bad mood.

"Molly, Bloody Mary, fourth seat at the wheel," the bartender said and put the drink on her tray.

Molly nodded with that same smile. She carried the drink to the roulette table and placed the drink in front of the woman who ordered it.

"Thanks!" the lady replied lazily, barely turning her head. Then she picked up a chip and threw it on the tray with a casual gesture.

When Molly raised her head to look at her, she found out it was Jenifer. Startled at first, she got a grip.

Jenifer played with her hair, then looked Molly up and down with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes,"It's you!"

Molly nodded, her mouth grim. Then she turned to go…

"Wait up, Molly," Jenifer said. "Can we talk for a sec?"

Frowning, Molly slowly turned around. She really didn't want to be here. As she was trying to think of an excuse to avoid this conver


"What does that mean?" Eric was intrigued by her answer, tilting his head to look at Lenny and waiting for her to say more.

Gracefully, she stood up against the wall and crossed her arms,"It depends on who you are. If you want your brother to be happy, you should just give up on her. But you might end up unhappy if you do."

If his frown was any indication, Eric wasn't entirely satisfied with her answer.

"It's late. Brian's reminded me several times to take of you. Your only job right now is to get better," Lenny said to him.

Obviously, she wanted to wrap up the conversation.

Rolling his eyes, Eric obviously didn't want to stop talking, but he gathered his pillow underneath his head and closed his eyes, hoping sleep would come quickly. He never texted Molly back.

Lenny switched off the lights and turned to leave. When she closed the door, she had a bitter look on her cold face.

Molly felt a little miffed because she didn't get a reply from Eric.

She whispered a few curse words and put her phone back in the locker. Then she went to use the bathroom.

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