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   Chapter 308 Why Is He Here (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5701

Updated: 2019-03-03 15:38

"I'm tired of arguing.

I'll move in with you.

Is that cool with you?"

Brian stared at Becky out of the corner of his eye. He furrowed his brow and the first thought he had was to turn her down. Becky was a stubborn girl. Instead of living at home, she stayed at the hotel. Unlike her, Brian loved being at home with his mom. In every city where he knew he'd be staying for a while, he'd buy a home there.

The only place he didn't buy a house was QY Island. He didn't want to draw Aaron's ire.

But Becky was different. She never seemed to want to go home even if she had one. Brian always spoiled her so he never asked her to stay at home.

But... He always thought she'd eventually pop the question. It was just a matter of when she'd broach the subject of them living together. Now that she wanted to do it, why did he get this feeling of trepidation? Why did he want to tell her no?

Brian was silent for a long time. Becky exhaled sharply and lowered her head,"So you don't want to live with me?" she asked sadly.

Brian withdrew his gaze and his eyes fell upon the front of the car,"Why do you want to move in all of a sudden? Where's this coming from?"

Becky turned her head to see his face, but he still turned away. "It's because your're slipping away from me," she said, in a gloomy voice. "I don't want to lose you."

When she said this, Brian's chest went tight. His gaze rested fondly on her. "No, you won't lose me,"

he said firmly, reaching up to stroke her lovely cheek. Then he said gently,"Come on. Let's get you to the hospital."

Becky nodded in agreement. Straightening in his seat, Brian belted in and got the car started, ferrying them both to the Empire H

eave. I've got a lot of work to do."

Becky nodded and said nothing. On her face was a look of sadness. Her face told him more than any words could.

Brian looked at her, reading her feelings well. He sighed and said," I'll drop by after I'm done, okay?"

Becky responded with a nod, and still didn't say anything.

Brian kissed her forehead and said gently,"Good night." This didn't make her feel any better.

Then he closed the door and left. Hearing the door click, Becky put a thin smile on her face,"Yoyo, can you run me a bath?"

"Yes. Miss Becky," Yoyo replied with a smile. Becky had been nothing but kind and friendly to her which impressed her a lot, since she believed that rich people were all haughty and hard to get along with. Becky was friendly, and saw no reason to be otherwise.

So Yoyo drew her bath, and Becky relaxed for a while, losing herself in the foam and the scent of the bath salts. The hot water relaxed her, and put her in a better mood. When she was done, she emerged, water dripping from her exquisite form, and she toweled off and donned a robe. Laying on the bed, she gave Brian a ring.

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