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   Chapter 307 Where Identities Are Masked (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5746

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Spark continued playing, staying oblivious to the attention he was getting - immersing completely in his own world, in his own music. Drenched in the sun's glow and caressed by the soft wind, he felt like a million dollars.

Yet something made him stop - he put his violin down and stared into the sky. He was reminiscing when a little girl stopped to watch him play - he was at the park on a street corner. The little girl was just watching him - no ogling, no claps, no admiration, nothing. She was just enjoying the music.

This made Spark smile. He had worked so hard for years and years to be where he was today - a top violinist just so he could meet his mother's expectations of him. He worked so hard to try to please his mother that he had forgotten why he learned to love playing in the first place - he just wanted to enjoy the music too. For all those years, only that little girl, Molly, was on his mind. He could still remember the song that he played then,"The Summer Breeze." All he could think of now was if he would ever see Molly again. Perhaps, that was already the last time. Would Molly even remember him? And the song he played?

Spark admired the sunset and realized that it must be nighttime already at A City.

'Molly, you're a brave and kind girl, how are you doing?' Spark asked in his mind.

At that exact moment, Molly was in the kitchen making soup. She was watching the steam go up, deep in thought. Her world right now was so strange - just a few days ago, she was a guest at the villa and now, she was a maid working at the kitchen.

Molly wasn't too surprised, though, at how things had turned. After all, it was expected of Brian to want the company of a woman when Becky wasn

s hurt. He took Becky's hand,"Come on, let's go to the hospital."

Becky agreed - she knew that she didn't have a choice. Brian wasn't one to take no for an answer - especially from her.

The tension was quite high as they sat in the car on the way to the hospital. "Brian, don't be mad," Becky blurted out. "It was an accident. I'll be more careful next time," Becky added.

"That's how you take care of yourself?" Brian shot back. "First, your eyes. And now this. What's next?"

Becky didn't say anything. The atmosphere grew more intense. After mustering up courage, Becky turned to Brian and said,"Brian, why don't I move in the villa with you?"

Becky's eyes exuding nothing but hope.

Suddenly, there was a long screeching sound.

Brian stomped on the brakes and turned to Becky. At first, Brian didn't like Becky's idea. In fact, he was about to turn her down until he saw the look on Becky's eyes - it was full of pity and helplessness.

"I don't want to stay alone at the hospital anymore. It scares me sometimes." Becky's lips were quivering as she spoke,"Let's call it even, okay? I'll move into the villa with you."

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