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   Chapter 306 Where Identities Are Masked (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5971

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The fax read,"Now the fight between old and new parties has entered a critical stage. With less finance than the old party, the new party might take a chance. Molly hasn't been exposed yet. But if they find out that Molly is Justin's daughter, the old party might use it against the new one. It also seems that Steven is back and working for them and is being used as a scapegoat for the new party. Jonny is, of course, investigating this whole thing. And if people put two and two together and this gets exposed then it's over the new party. "

Brian flipped the document over where the DNA test reports were - three, specifically. One each for Steven, Rory, and Molly. The DNA test report confirmed that Molly was indeed Justin's daughter.

Brian squinted his eyes and curled his lips. He was right. Justin raped Sharon, not Rory. Even Sharon didn't know this.

Brian scoffed and headed over to the shredder. He slid the reports in and within seconds, the document was gone.

Brian's phone started buzzing - someone was calling him. He picked it up and answered,"How's Eric doing?"

"He's awake now." Tony informed him.

"Okay," Brian responded,"I'm on my way. I'll be there soon."

Brian arrived at the Dragon Empire Group hospital an hour later. Eric, in his robe, was having a cup of tea at the balcony. He was unmoved and just staring at the sky.

The door opened. Eric turned to see who it was,"Brian," he greeted.

"Are you okay?" Brian asked, concerned as he sat beside him.

Eric smiled, touched at his brother's concern,"Of course, I am. Nothing to worry about here."

Brian nodded,"Don't get involved." He went straight to the point.

"How can I just stand at the side, watch, and do nothing?" Eric asked coldly. "They started this and if I don't do any

ting over the river where a ship was floating by.

On the ship's nose stood Spark where he was watching over the bustling crowd and on his shoulders were a violin and a bow. He stretched himself leisurely.

"Spark, where do you want to go after the concert?" Manny asked while he was nestled in his cabin with breeze stroking his face.

Spark had his eyes shut, taking in everything - the nature, his body, his soul. After a while, he opened his eyes and answered Manny,"I'm taking a few days off. Cancel the remaining shows."

Upon hearing Spark's words, Manny sat up,"But we've already agreed to them. How can we break our word? I'll be the one taking the fall for this."

Spark gave him an emboldened smile,"Well, you agreed. Not me."

"But you didn't say anything when I told you." Manny retorted furiously.

Spark shrugged him off,"But did I say yes? Did I agree to it?" he was saying all of these things matter-of-factly, not a care in the world.

Manny was scowling at Spark but Spark remained calm and collected. He turned around and started playing again - a popular folk song in Dubai. His performance caught the attention of passers-by, some even recognizing him.

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