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   Chapter 304 Of Jealousy and Requests (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6762

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"She's not coming with you." Eric raised his voice as he held on to Molly who was trembling at this point. He shot a menacing look at Brian as he led Molly out of the kitchen.

Eric and Molly weren't able to make it past the doorway though because Tony was blocking it.

"Move!" Eric growled. It didn't help that he was way taller than Tony too.

But Tony didn't budge,"Sorry, Mr. Eric, I only answer to Mr. Brian."

Eric was scornful,"If you still want to keep your right hand, tell him to move," he threatened Brian who remained still as a stone.

Brian could feel that Eric wasn't going to calm down anytime soon,"Eric, let go of Molly."

"And if I don't?" Eric taunted.

Brian looked at Molly,"All right, then let's just hope you can really make her come with you."

Brian signaled Tony to step aside so that Eric could leave with Molly in tow.

"Mr. Brian?" Tony bowed as soon as he saw Brian step out of the kitchen,"Are we going to send someone to follow them, at least?"

"Eric's a big boy. He can handle that." Brian responded confidently but his face said otherwise.

Suddenly, Brian's phone rang disturbing the suffocating atmosphere of the room. Brian took a quick peek at the caller ID before stepping out to answer the call.

"The results are out," Sam announced excitedly,"It works fine but there are some side effects. If you allow me more time, I can get rid of the side effects."

"How much time do you need?" Brian asked matter-of-factly.

"Three days," Sam responded after a pause.

"Okay, three days then." Brian approved, his voice still impartial. After finishing the call, he went back inside,"Please tell Vincent to keep an eye on the State Parliament."

"Yes, sir." Tony nodded solemnly.

Brian spent the morning with Becky - they had breakfast together. But he left her when he found out that Molly was to see her so-called father Rory. Molly, of course, didn't know that Rory wasn't her real father - it was actually Rory's twin brother, Justin.

Nobody knew. Ev


And it was the same pajama that she wore when she lived here - not just any pajama, her favorite one. The one decorated with flowers. She was starting to get more worried because she couldn't recall, no matter how hard she tried, changing out of her clothes and into pajamas. At this point, she just wanted her old phone, not this one that came with these pajamas. She went back to her room to try to look for her clothes from yesterday.

She was starting to get desperate now - her eyes scanned the room and finally she found it: her phone was on the bedside table.

She dashed for her phone.

This eased her anxiety a bit. She dialed Eric's number but she was clamming up, she was so anxious.

With each ring, her anxiety only grew more. She was directed to voice mail to which Molly frowned.

She decided to text him instead,"Eric, why am I in the villa? "

Eric was still able to read Molly's text - at least he knew she was safe. Then he passed out.

Molly waited around for a response but she didn't get any. Upset, she hurriedly changed out of her pajamas and into her own clothes - she was leaving the villa.

Molly was walking rather quickly. When she reached the gate, she grabbed the handle but something made her stop.

Brian was there, standing before her. He looked pale,"You're escaping?" he said harshly.

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