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   Chapter 303 Of Jealousy and Requests (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6965

Updated: 2019-03-02 14:44

As Eric peered into Molly's gleaming eyes, he realized that everything else fell to the category of trivial.

He was just staring at Molly when he pressed his lips against her forehead - something that he didn't realize he did until it was done.

"Little Molly, the day will come when you will rise above. You will finally become the glorious pearl that you actually are. You just will. I guarantee you that you will."

Molly remained still only keeping her gaze at Eric. Eventually, Eric stood up while Molly remained frozen at his words. This scared and thrilled Molly at the same time.

Eric raised his hand to stroke Molly's face; he could feel where her tears had just dried up making Eric's heart swell.

He would never admit this but the truth was, he only talked to Molly at first to mess with Brian - but this was way beyond Brian now. The more he got to know her, the harder he fell. He had never felt this way before and he hated it. He didn't want to end up like his father who fought with his brother over a woman.

But, if he really did fall in love with her, he would never give her up as his father did. He would fight for it. Even if no one won.

The situation was getting too intense for Molly to take so she took a step back just as Eric was about to touch her lips with his fingers. Molly looked down, biting her lips wondering what Eric was about to do.

Eric stopped as Molly stepped back. His face turning casual all at once,"You're responsible for me now since you're my first."

This caught Molly off guard.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

Eric grinned, obviously teasing,"I mean, you were the first person I've ever cooked for. Why? What were you thinking about?"

Molly didn't appreciate the joke - she also especially didn't like it that the chefs around them were snickering, trying to hold back their laughter. Molly pushed Eric away and stomped on his feet. She turned around and tried to walk away before Eric could even respond. But the moment she swiveled, she froze. She was unable to move; she just stood there as if her feet were

of course, she couldn't.

"Brian, let go of her." Eric's voice rung through the air. He always was good at dealing with Brian, especially in front of a lot of people, their staff even. He was just messing around with Brian earlier but seeing how Brian treated Molly, he was serious now. He really didn't want Brian to do anything with Molly.

Brian didn't even flinch,"Are you coming with me or not?" Brian asked Molly for the second time.

Brian never took no as an answer, especially from Molly.

That was the last straw for Molly. She wriggled her hand free from Eric's grip and pushed Brian aside.

Brian blocked her with his arm - he was too strong for Molly, of course. Luckily, Eric was there who helped her. She shot a glare at Brian.

Everyone pushed her away! Every single one of them!

From here on, Molly was cold and it would show in her eyes. She gritted her teeth, her chest was heaving from breathing so heavily. She couldn't calm herself down no matter how hard she tried.

Suddenly, the air started to become suffocating. The chefs were now just staring at one another - unsure of what to do. They had been working at A-Magic for the longest time and this wasn't their first time to witness something like this. They knew how much drama went on behind the scenes of places like this. But it was the rule of thumb that they act as if nothing was happening.

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