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   Chapter 302 The Uncontrollable Concern About Molly (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5489

Updated: 2019-03-02 03:01

Molly clutched her stomach slightly afraid that Eric really would cook badly just because she didn't believe him. Molly's phone flashed again much to Molly's ignorance - it was still on silent and this had been the second message that she failed to read on time.

Brian was gripping so tightly to his phone and his fingers were starting to turn a tinge of violet. This was the second that he had sent a message to Molly and that Molly hadn't replied to. He had been staring at his phone for more than ten minutes already. She was ignoring him!

Tony could feel Brian's body tense up as every minute passed. He now regretted suggesting that Brian text Molly because Brian was now in a worse mood than before.

Tony was beating himself up over suggesting that to Brian as he watched him dial Molly's number again and again and hearing no one pick up. Brian was getting tenser and tenser as each ring passed and then even more as the dial tone filled his ears. His fists were tingling, he wanted to do something with it out of anger because Molly was ignoring his call. Molly was ignoring him.

Brian eventually hung up after a lot of failed tries at calling Molly. While he still felt anger, he was also starting to worry about Molly - what could she be doing? Brian didn't think it was possible that Justin could hurt Molly in such a short time. But he was running out of possibilities, why wasn't Molly answering his call or even just replying?

Tony had been working for Brian long enough to be able to read his face and his body language. Before he asked Brian what had happened, he saw Brian held his phone up again. "Find a way to lo

d burst out of laughter right in front of Eric's face.

It was not like she chose to spit it out. The spaghetti was too salty, it was hard to keep it in her mouth what more swallow it!

"This is the first I tried my hand at cooking and you're just going to spit it out! This is so embarrassing," Eric wailed. But when he caught a glimpse of Molly laughing, he couldn't help but join her. He grabbed a napkin and wiped his face clean. He gave Molly a serious look and said,"Well, at least you laughed. Finally."

Molly felt nothing but fondness for Eric in this moment - she felt her heart skip a beat. Even after all of the people in her life had abandoned her, she was happy to have Eric stay with her. He was always there for her especially when she needed him the most. He was like an angel. Her own personal angel.

When Eric met Molly's twinkling eyes, he was overwhelmed with affection for Molly. He leaned in and touched his lips on Molly's forehead.

As soon Eric leaned in, Brian walked into the kitchen with Tony following him, obviously saw this and it showed on his face.

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