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   Chapter 301 The Uncontrollable Concern About Molly (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6597

Updated: 2019-03-02 03:01

Molly clenched her teeth shut, she was trying to hold her tears back - hiding behind her eyelashes. She decided that only she was to be trusted, she needed to be strong for herself because no one else would do that for her. She needed to stand her ground even though everyone else abandoned her, disappointed her - she needed to be strong. She must be strong now and she must be strong tomorrow and the day after that. She needed to be strong for the rest of her life. Even if people always left her, she was always left to herself.

Molly forced herself to smile as a way to attempt to comfort herself. She knew that she would never disappoint herself, even if everyone else around her did.

"Little Molly?"

When Molly heard the voice call her name, she raised her head without thinking - her moistened eyes met Eric's. Eric, who was always haughty in his ways, was looking at her with an overwhelming amount of tenderness. The sun shone behind him - like he was an angel, warm and good.

When Eric saw that Molly had just cried, he grew worried. "What's wrong, little Molly?"

Molly rapidly blinked to try and dry her eyes and prevent more tears from falling. When she saw how concerned Eric was, she wrapped him in a hug.

Eric was caught off guard but he hugged her tighter. Eric, with a hand on Molly's back, pat her back to try and console her before he went back to his old self of teasing her,"It's so early, Molly! Do you hug me because you like me ?"

Molly was buried in Eric's chest, ignoring his teasing. She cried harder, finally letting out all that she had been carrying for so long. Eric panicked when he realized that Molly was crying. He had little experience with things like this so all he could do was gently rubbing her back.

The street was bustling - people hurrying left and right. All of them, though, no matter how much of in a hurry they were, always stopped to look at Eric and Molly. Eric shrugged them off because all he cared abo

ng to lose patience, Tony suggested,"Well, Mr. Brain Long, why don't you text Miss Xia and ask her where she is now?"

Brian didn't seem to like this idea - he curled his lips and scrunched his face. He realized that at Tony's suggestion, he had grown anxious and nervous towards Molly. Brian glanced at Tony and Tony quickly looked away, partly scared, and now, pretending to continue looking for Molly.

Brian pursed his lips and hesitated for a while before taking his phone out and sending a message.

Molly was watching Eric carefully who was occupied at the kitchen when her phone flashed but immediately dimmed - it was on silent.

"Wait for me, for about half an hour." After seeing the look on Molly's face, Eric raised his eyebrows in annoyance. He was sure of himself, why was Molly giving him that look?

Molly twisted her mouth, showing that she still didn't believe that Brain could cook dishes. Molly pursed her lips in doubt - she still didn't want to believe that Eric could cook. He never seemed to be able to cook especially dressed in his dapper and crisp suit. All of the other cooks in the kitchen stood behind him stiffly as they watched him cook, waiting for an order from him. Oftentimes, they glanced at one another as if they too didn't believe that Eric knew what he was doing.

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