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   Chapter 299 Take Her Back To The Villa (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5605

Updated: 2019-03-02 00:08

.The sound of her footsteps echoed in the lonely building at midnight. The atmosphere was sad. Molly walked downstairs step by step, clenching and releasing her hands. She kept telling herself to remember the humiliation she suffered in the elevator just now. Brian's teasing was way more heartbreaking than all the humiliation she suffered in her life. This was someone she trusted, poured her heart out to.

Molly didn't meet Edgar in the parking lot after she left Grand Night Casino. Right now, she forgot everything and was unable to think at all. She just trekked back home like a puppet. She finally got in and collapsed on the sofa. It was almost 3 o'clock in the morning.

The winter nights were longer. No matter how long the night, though, the world always welcomed the daylight. When the morning's light dawned in the east, the sun drenched the earth in warm daylight.

Molly didn't sleep the whole night. She just sat on the sofa, eyes dull. She didn't even make her way to her room until Steven and the others were up.

"You need to be there by 10," Steven said when he saw Molly.

Molly paused and turned her head. After a while, she nodded and continued walking to her room.

Steven frowned, seeing Molly so tired and lost. Meanwhile, he felt guilty.

At ten o'clock in the morning.

Molly sat in front of that man who only lived in her memory. She wasn't shy or excited at all. Instead, she was rather distant with no emotion on her face. She didn't sleep last night and was heartbroken and humiliated thanks to what happened in the elevator. Now she was struggling so much that she even made no response when facing "Rory".

"Molly, I'm here to

over to Molly and stood in front of her. He took her hand naturally, his fingers pinching hers. "Mol, why didn't you listen to me, hm?" he said to her in a low and sexy tone, as if someone was playing the cello.

Molly frowned and stared at Brian hatefully, teeth gritted.

"I told you I'd pick you up and take you back to the villa. Why didn't you wait for me? You didn't tell me you were leaving," Brian whispered at her ear gently like an angel. He said this in a half-doting half-angry tone. He chose to ignore the anger he saw in Molly's eyes. He said again nonchalantly,"If you need to go see someone, I'll go with you. I'm worried about you being all alone." Brian took a look at Justin who changed his face all of a sudden.

Just then, Brian tried to smile. He cracked a slight smile yet his eyes didn't reflect the smile. It was weird and cold. He raised his eagle-like eyes and looked at Justin defiantly, and then greeted him slowly,"Mr. Justin Yan, Vice President. Nice to meet you!"

Just then, Molly's eyes went wide. She spun around to face Justin. She was extremely shocked and confused now!

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