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   Chapter 298 Take Her Back To The Villa (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6073

Updated: 2019-03-01 10:07

She was annoyed that she could see through her like that. They were quite close to each other now. Molly could even feel his warm breath when he spoke. He was dangerous. She could feel it, too. She wanted to retreat, to add the space between them, but her back was against the wall. There was no place to go.

"Molly, you were so close to me once. And the confession in the snow that night… am I really a stranger to you?" Brian said slowly. His fingers caressed her cheek, but it was different with her. Her skin was tougher than Becky's. He wasn't sure it was that unpleasant. In fact, he kind of liked it.

He was teasing her, at least that was what Molly thought. Her heart throbbed in sorrow. She raised her hand and pushed against Brian's chest, trying to move him further away. She was too weak to do this, though. He resisted, and she relented.

Molly gritted her teeth and breathed heavily. She stared at Brian with hate in her eyes and then took out her phone. "What on earth do you want?" she typed.

"What if… I don't want to be a stranger to you?" Brian's black eyes grew darker and sharper. Somehow, it made him even more attractive. Many girls would love to lose themselves in those eyes.

Molly frowned tightly upon hearing his words. She couldn't hide her anger anymore. "Come off it, Brian! You were the one who cut me loose. Now what do you want? And don't forget: Becky's back. Aren't you afraid she'll be sad if she finds out about us? Wouldn't cheating on her be kind of low?" She typed all these lines nonstop.

When he read what she wrote a rage rose in him. What was she saying? Low? Nothing he did was low!

He lifted his gaze suddenly, and shot a sharp glare at Molly with his eagle eyes. He was so angry that he even ignored the fact she referred to Becky. Instead, he went on a r

d to distance herself from him. And she was doing quite well. But now, she was a complete joke, drunk on his kiss.

Brian let go of her lips soft and slow. He still stood closer to her, observing Molly who was standing still and tearing up with shivering lips. His heart hurt even more. He frowned heavily all of a sudden and felt upset and confused. He was out of sorts.

Suddenly, he moved away and closed his eyes at the same time. When he reopened, he said coldly,"You want to be a stranger, but you like my kisses... You're a complicated woman, Molly."

He teased her with a low voice. The teasing brought her back to her senses. She bit her lip and opened her eyes. She mocked herself for being like this. She clutched her phone even tighter. Then she stood up straight, set her jaw, and walked toward the outside, trying to master her shivering body.

Brian watched her silently. But when she was about to step out of the elevator, he caught her by the wrist again and said,"I'll drive you home!"

Molly turned on her heel and stared at Brian fiercely. She broke free of Brian's grip, and stared at him, teeth gritted. Not too long afterward, she left the elevator and headed toward the stairs.

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