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   Chapter 297 Take Her Back To The Villa (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6343

Updated: 2019-03-01 10:06

They emerged from the lot, and headed toward Sophia Hotel. When they passed the gate of Grand Night Casino, a car parked along the road nearby caught Brian's attention. His dark eyes cast a sidelong look at the man on the driver's seat. It was Edgar, looking quite serious. Brian's gaze stabbed at him from the darkness.

It was dead silent in the car during their drive. Becky was strong and calm as could be told from her face, at least she tried to be. She was fidgeting, though, lacing and unlacing her hands, playing with her fingers, pulling on the folds of her outfit. Brian knew it from the start. He glanced her during the journey a few times. Finally, they arrived, and he walked her to her room.

"Get some rest. I'll return and have breakfast tomorrow with you, okay?" he said in a doting yet annoyed tone.

Becky gave him a brave smile and replied softly,"Sounds good. You should get some rest too when you finish up."

Brian leaned forward, ran his fingers through her hair, and planted a soft, tender kiss on her forehead. "I'll stop by if I get done early."

He wasn't asking permission. He didn't need it.

"You don't need to. I can wait till breakfast." Becky lowered her eyes. She forgot that her eyes were unable to show her feelings anymore.

Brian looked at her, temples moving a bit. He simply nodded and then left the hotel.


Molly sat in Jason's office for more than one hour and saw neither hide nor hair of Jason. She checked her watch -- it was getting on toward midnight. This was the busiest time for the posh casino. Jason would probably be super-busy. She had no idea when he'd be back here to talk to her.

Molly got off the couch and walked over to the window. The glass faced the street. She peered out and found that Edgar's car was still there, waiting for her. She whipped out her phone to text him, but realized she hadn't gotten his number.


Molly gave him a slight bow in greeting, but didn't step into the car. Obviously, she was waiting for the next one.

When the door was about to close completely, it suddenly opened again. Molly's heart pounded in her chest because of this. She almost forgot to breathe.

Then Jason walked out and saw what was going on. He was smart and chose to walk back to his office.

"Come on in!" Brian said this with an air of nobility, as if nobody could challenge his authority.

Molly didn't go inside the elevator car as she was bade. Instead, she took a step back.

Brian's face grew darker when he saw what she did. His eagle eyes narrowed a bit. He walked forward and grabbed Molly's wrist. He practically pulled her into the elevator as the door closed slowly. He forced Molly against the wall of the elevator and forced her to look at him.

There was a *pang!* sound from behind her. Molly frowned and made a face. She had been pushed into an electrical panel, and the handle dug into her back. What was more, it hurt. She was thoroughly annoyed.

Seeing her get angry, a ghost of a smile played across Brian's face. He stared at Molly with his sharp eyes, one hand against the wall. "Strangers, are we? What…? Could it be? You're getting angry."

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