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   Chapter 295 Take Her Back To The Villa (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6139

Updated: 2019-03-01 00:18

Fortunes were made and broken in the evening at Grand Night Casino.

Tons of people came there for a good time.

Drinks, tokens, gambling tables were everywhere. As the general manager of the Casino, Jason was always busy at night. He needed to keep a close eye on all the gamblers. Sometimes, there were cheaters and chaos wrought by difficult guests, business as usual in places like that. He had to deal with them all.

"General Manager, cheater at table 8!" The voice of the foreman of the first-floor lobby came through Jason's earpiece. Normally announcements were made by intercom, but in this case they had curled tubes wound around one ear plugged into a two-way radio. This was set up to facilitate private conversations among the staff. It wouldn't do well to announce the location of a cheater to everyone in the casino.

Jason frowned. While cheaters were common enough, he hadn't expected it tonight for some reason. He answered the foreman's report with instructions on how to handle this. Before he walked out of the room, his phone rang. It was a message. He saw it was Brian.

"Where's Molly?" It was a simple question from Brian.

Jason frowned. "Is Molly in the lobby now?" he asked through the mic in his headset.

"She just finished her work and took off a moment ago!"

Jason trekked over to security. He checked out the CCTV feed right after he entered the room. He had no time for idle chit chat. He tapped a few keys and found the camera by the gate of the casino. He reviewed the footage and stopped it at one key scene: Edgar was with Molly, touching her hair softly.

Jason frowned when he saw this, and changed the camera back to real-time monitoring mode. Later he walked out of the room and dialed up Molly.

When Molly's phone rang, Edgar pulled over beside a coffee shop. Molly was confus

o him and was about to hop out. Suddenly, Edgar put a hand on her shoulder to stop her while he said,"I'll wait. We need to talk. Doesn't matter how late you get off work!"

Molly frowned even more. She wanted to refuse. However, she nodded her "yes" when she saw the determination in Edgar's eyes. She had no reason to continue to blow him off.

Edgar let go of her, and she burst into a run, tearing open the doors and practically flying into the casino. Watching her run off, Edgar couldn't control himself anymore. He pretended to be strong when they were together. But there was nothing but misery on his face now that she was gone. How he wished he could hold her in his arms to protect her from any more pains. She was the girl he wanted to protect when he was still a little child. Now he might get the chance. However, she hurt so much and even hid who she was from him. He couldn't get her to open up, and that worried him even more.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, full of sorrow and sadness all at once. His hands clenched the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles went white, and a popping sound could be heard as he cracked his knuckles. The muscles on the backs of his hands stood out.

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