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   Chapter 294 Cannot Withstand A Single Blow (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 4923

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"Mr. Gu, that's all for today. I hope you don't make any irreparable mistakes for stupid reasons." That said, Mr. Shen stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and rose to his feet. Without another look at Edgar, he turned and left the room.

"Mr. Gu, what did he mean by that?" asked Bill, when the door closed behind Mr. Shen.

Edgar's eyes flickered as he said slowly,"It means that Molly is in danger."

Bill was surprised. He asked with a frown,"Why would she be in any danger? That shouldn't be happening."

"Well, he made it pretty clear. Some people would try to threaten Mr. Brian Long using Molly. However unimportant Molly truly is to Brian, those people would see her as Brian's weakness. So, she's in danger." Edgar's expression was heavy. If Brian had any affection towards Molly, those people would try to control Molly and make Brian obey. But if Molly wasn't that important to Brian...then she... Then she would die a grim death.

Edgar stood up and walked out slowly. As he passed Bill, he said,"It's late. You should go and get some rest."


Before Bill could say anything, Edgar had stormed off. Bill's mouth stayed open for a while without being able to finish his argument. Then he left the club too, sucking on a huge lollipop.

Edgar's car was headed straight for the Grand Night Casino. The Golden Bay Club and the Grand Night Casino were close to each other, so he arrived there in no time. When he reached, he went directly to th

of them stood there perplexed.

"Okay...Le...Let's go!" With an embarrassed smile on his face, Edgar walked out. His heart still hurt as he couldn't help thinking what would have happened if he hadn't given up at that time? Would his little girl have grown up healthily and happily under his own protection?

But he had to give in. If not, if the worst had happened, his little girl would've been long dead.

Edgar showed Molly into his car. That whole time, Molly didn't talk to him, nor did Edgar. He thought it was because of the gap between them and that she didn't know how to get along with him anymore.

Edgar started the car and drove into the traffic on Moonlight Street. But he didn't know that a pair of eyes had seen everything that had happened outside the casino. Brian watched as Edgar's car sped away, until it was out of his sight. Then he took out his phone and sent a text. His eyes had turned dark and dangerous, with complex feelings rippling in them.

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