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   Chapter 293 Cannot Withstand A Single Blow (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5359

Updated: 2019-02-28 09:42

Brian shot a glance at the smoldering wreckage and sneered. They passed by Howard and his men who could do nothing but watch their men burn. Tony deliberately slowed down, allowing Howard to clearly see everyone inside Brian's car.

Outraged, Howard glowered at them in fury. The raging flames lit up the bridge and the light illuminated the tiny space inside Brian's car. He saw an unexpected man sitting next to Brian, who was craning his neck to watch the blaze under the bridge. He was so taken aback that he blurted out,"Mr. Yan?"

His surprised voice attracted the attention of the people next to him. They all looked at the car that had already passed by and then at Howard. Someone asked him in shock and doubt,"Is Mr. Yan with him?"

Howard didn't answer him. He was racking his brains, trying to make sense of what he had seen. The man sitting next to Brian was indeed Mr. Yan. But why? Why would Mr. Yan be with Mr. Brian Long?

"Howard, none of them have survived," the person who had gone down to the bridge to scout, came up and reported. Gravely, he looked down, his shoulders slumped. None of them had ever expected to lose two of their most elite men that night so easily.

It took Howard a while to take in everything that had happened so far. His eyes glinted with sadness, but in a few minutes, the sadness disappeared. It was a subordinate's duty to obey the orders of his superior, absolutely and unconditionally, no matter the cost, especially since they served in the special unit. He ordered,"Call in the local forces to assist with the cleanup."

"Roger that!"


d Mr. Shen, whose voice was a little ironical as he gave Edgar an indirect answer. All this time, Edgar had been inquisitive about Mr. Shen's relationship with Brian. He decided to satisfy his curiosity once and for all.

Edgar managed to keep a smile on his face as he cursed the man inwardly, 'What a cunning old fox.'

Mr. Shen knew what Edgar was thinking, but he didn't care. Today's meeting was for Brian's sake. He knew what Brian had done lately only meant to learn about Molly's origin, but overshadowed by fear, many who had guilty conscience took it as a wrong move from Brian's side, and decided to hunt him down. Brian was a man of principle. If those people hadn't tried to mess with him, he'd have gotten bored and let go. But since they had offended him, he would definitely make them regret all their life choices so far.

This was also part of the reason why he had kept a good relationship with Brian. Of course, he was nice to Brian for Shirley's sake, but he knew in his heart that if he messed with Brian, the Sacred Domain would be doomed.

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