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   Chapter 292 Cannot Withstand A Single Blow (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5327

Updated: 2019-02-28 09:41

The look in Brian's eyes turned dangerous. With inhuman speed, he leaned out of the window, turned towards the direction of the gunshot and pulled the trigger. The bullet rushed out of its barrel with a burst of blazing fire and sped squarely towards the incoming bullet from the sniper rifle. Almost simultaneously, he pulled the trigger again and shot at Lorence. The bullet zoomed like a comet cutting through the night sky.

All this happened in a split second, like a slow-motion movie. Brian's bullet collided into the sniper bullet accompanied by a little firework. And simultaneously, the driver swerved to dodge the other bullet and the screeching sound of the tires broke the silence of the night.

But the car managed to dodge the bullet with a single turn and they continued chasing Brian's car in a few seconds. Howard watched the two cars in front of him with a frown, but he wasn't too worried. They had arranged the most skillful driver to drive that car, considering he was transporting a sniper.

But to his surprise, there was another screech, followed by a thump. Before he could react, his driver had stepped on the brake. Howard watched as the car in front of him swerved, lost control and circled over and over before crashing through the fence of the bridge. It toppled over very quickly. Just as his car came to a full stop, there was a loud crash where the other car hit the ground.

No one had noticed that Brian had not only ricocheted back the sniper bullet, but also had changed its direction towards Lorence's car. The whole time, Brian watched as the bullet

es at the broadcast and walked towards the airport pickup.

When Rory saw him, he was taken aback. He had never expected Mr. Brian Long to pick him up in person. The age signs and fatigue on his face were replaced by surprise, as he spoke,"Mr. Brian Long, why are you here?"

"Becky is back. I'll take you to her." Brian's voice was emotionless. He wouldn't deign to speak to this man if he were not Becky's father.

Rory didn't take any offense from Brian's attitude. One had to learn to get along well with arrogant, powerful men, when they turned out more powerful than you.

Tony helped Rory with his luggage, and they walked to the parking lot. The atmosphere between them was a little stiff, if not weird.

They took the same road back. When they passed by the bridge, they saw a flame ablaze below the bridge. The crashed car's fuel tank had broken and since the engine was still running, an electric spark due to the crash must have lit the leaking gas, eventually causing an explosion. The whole car was on fire, engulfing everyone inside it.

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