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   Chapter 291 Cannot Withstand A Single Blow (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5464

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Tony remained composed as he drove Brian to the airport.

There was not a sliver of doubt or scare on his face, apart from the arrogant look reflected in his eyes.

Brian glanced at the rear-view and sneered when he saw the two cars on their tail. Drawing his gaze back, he took out his phone and dialed a number. There was a short ring and a voice spoke on the other end,"At your service, Mr. Brian Long."

"Have Steven and Justin met yet?" Brian's tone was emotionless and calm, but his gaze gradually sharpened.

"Yes, they seem to have met," the man answered respectfully,"Also, around noon, Steven had asked Miss Xia if she would like to meet Rory Yan. But according to the record of their full conversation, she had refused the invite."

'A meeting with Rory?

What a jerk.'

Brian snorted. It looked like Steven hadn't taken his words to heart. He was laying his hands on things he shouldn't touch. Now, it was time for Brian to teach him a lesson in obedience. Brian's expression turned dangerous and cold. He parted his lips slightly and ordered,"Let him take her there if she agrees. But I need to hear every word of their conversation. I want to know what they are planning."

The voice on the other end paused for a while and then stuttered,"Mr. Brian Long, that cannot be easily arranged."

The Yan brothers were no ordinary people. As a senior official, Justin served as the Vice President in the Political Commissar. How could a conversation involving him be easily monitored? If they did that and got caught, it might be interpreted as a leak of state secrets.

Brian shot another glance at the rear-vi

Brian Long! It's highly likely that they would shoot us when we pass through the bridge," Tony said quickly, but there was not the slightest apprehension in his voice.

Brian looked at the cars behind them again. In his hand was a silver, shining Desert Eagle. He loaded the gun and snorted,"Let them. They are digging their own graves."

Tony heard the displeasure in Brian's voice. He tensed and took a quick glance at him in the rear-view. Brian's grim face was clouded in dark vengeance. He drew his glance back and pondered why Brian was so irritated. As far as he knew, Mr. Brian Long was very used to assassination attempts and never deigned to show his true feelings even when he was at a life-or-death situation. This was not Brian's usual temper. This was not the Brian whom Tony had known so far.

The cars whizzed along the bridge and Brian rolled down the window on his side. With a malicious smile on his face, he turned his head sideways, listening to every little sound and focused. Mixed in with the sound of the gusty wind, came the sound of a gunshot from behind.

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