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   Chapter 290 Of Anxiety And Threats Molly's Story (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5632

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:18

When Becky told Eric that she wanted to go there, he flat out said no. But today, Eric went there for this woman. To say that Becky was surprised was an understatement.

Becky really didn't want to do this but she didn't tell Cindy. When she hung up the phone, she sat at the sofa silently thinking about what Cindy was making her do and every small action of Brian today.

Brian was her man and hers alone. No one could get in between them and no one could take him away from her!

Becky squinted her eyes. She was suddenly feeling all the anger. She picked up the phone that Jason gave her before he left and put it on channel one. As she was about to speak, a voice came.

"Manager He, one of our waiters is sick. We need someone to take his shift but all of the staff is busy. Could you cancel Molly's noon break so she can cover a shift?"

"You can decide on your own. Go ahead. I have no idea what Brian is thinking so I'm giving you the go signal to decide on your own."

"Okay, I understand."

The voices were gone. Becky opened her mouth and was ready to say something, but she suddenly decided against it in the last minute. She thought back of the conversation she heard just now...

The waiter would never have called Jason like that if the situation wasn't urgent. But one waiter not making it to his shift didn't sound urgent at all. This didn't make sense. Why did he have to call Jason?

Becky tilted her head. She was confused. After a while, she realized something. She mumbled to herself. "Molly ?! Could it be her? Could it be the same Molly?"

But nobody was here to answer her question. She was gripping the phone tighter and tighter until she deci

tegies that Howard could take. Then finally, he snorted, a smirk on his face.

Brian scoffed at the idea of Howard. He sat surprisingly still with such a fast speed. Then he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Mr. Brian Long." Harrow greeted, his voice a dead sound.

"Did you get a place?" Brian's tone was plain but you could tell he was speaking harshly.

"Yeah, I did," Harrow raised one eyebrow before continuing,"The Imperial Garden Mansions."

"Is Rory back?" Brian asked.

"If the flight didn't get delayed, he'll be in the city in half an hour." Harrow said politely, but he couldn't help but be curious.

"I see." Brian hung up the phone. He craned his neck to check if the two cars were still there - they were. This time, they were practically touching the car.

"Mr. Brian Long, do you want me to get rid of them?" Tony offered.

"No," Brian waved him off,"Just lead them to the airport." There was something in Brian's eyes - they were black, cold, and dangerous.

'Justin... and Rory... who are you to decide! I'm playing the game, I decide!' Brian thought to himself, defensive.

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