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   Chapter 289 Of Anxiety And Threats Molly's Story (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5807

Updated: 2019-02-28 00:08

Brian still clearly remembered everything as if it happened yesterday: Molly's beautiful, apologetic face, her eyes that shone brightly but also showed her fear. But it was all in the past now. He used to be obsessed with Becky's eyes and he still should be obsessed with her eyes. But little did he notice that all he could think about now were Molly's wide and innocent eyes.

"Brian?" Becky called out to him, gently. She was confused because Brian had spaced out.

Brian snapped back. "Nothing."

Beck bit her lip, stopping herself from saying something. She sat in the car silently. Becky was almost never wrong about her gut feelings. Especially about Brian. When Brian picked her up earlier, she felt that something was wrong. She decided to ignore it but now... she couldn't help but feel a little suspicious especially ever since she met Eric and that Little Molly at the restaurant. She could tell that Brian wasn't just spacing out just now. His mind was somewhere else

Becky frowned at this. Sadness was creeping at her heart and anxiety at her brain. But she couldn't tell exactly what she was worrying about right now.

Brian started the engine again as it rounded the corner heading its way to the casino's parking lot. Brian stepped out of the car first to open Becky's door. He held out his hand for Becky to take as they walked towards the elevator. They were going up to the top floor.

"I have to meet Tony later. You can stay at the casino and wait for me. I'll pick you up after." Brian said mechanically. His voice rang in the small space of the elevator.

Becky couldn't help but slightly furrow her eyebrows. "Why didn't you just take me back to the hotel then?"

"I didn't want you to be alone there

about it. "

"But Cindy..." Becky insisted.

"Don't!" Cindy cut her off,"Just tell Brian that you want to stay with him. In the villa. Not in the hotel. Just tell him that you don't feel safe and you feel alone in the hotel. That's it. Easy, right?"

Becky didn't respond to what Cindy was telling her to do.

"Becky, are you listening? Did you hear me?" Cindy sighed.

"Yeah, I'm listening." Becky answered in a small voice. "I'm at the casino right now but Brian's out with Tony, I think they have business together. He's picking me up later... Cindy, you're right. I can't be as sure as I was before. I can't lose Brian, I just can't. He loves me, I'm the only one he'll ever love."

"Good, good!" Cindy hesitated,"I hope Brian's different from Eric who's a cheater. If that happens, I can't stand to see you get hurt."

'Cindy had a point.' Becky thought to herself. She thought back to what Eric was saying earlier at the restaurant. She knew how difficult it was for Eric to make promises like that, to pour out his heart like that. But she could tell that he was sincere, that he meant it. He even went to South Street Alley with her ?!

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