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   Chapter 288 Of Anxiety And Threats Molly's Story (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5832

Updated: 2019-02-27 10:41

Molly was inside her tiny bedroom, sitting by the small desk near her window. On her lap was the box full of candies that Eric had just bought for her.

She opened the box and took a piece out.

She tinkered with the candy wrapper mindlessly, her mind was obviously far away.

Molly zoned back in and stopped abruptly. A bitter smile appeared on her face. She opened a drawer from her desk and took out a glass bottle. She threw the candy inside.

After staring at the bottle for a while, she put it away and took out a notebook from the same drawer. She opened the notebook and started to scribble everything that was going on in her mind. This had been a habit of hers for as long as she could remember - this was how she often processed her thoughts and how she let it all out.

"Molly!" A voice called out. As Steven walked into the bedroom, Molly scrambled to close her notebook and put it away. She turned to face Steven who was holding a bowl in his hand,"Your mother prepared soup for you. Here."

Molly nodded as she took the bowl. She bit her lip, not knowing what to say because she could tell that Steven wanted to say something but he wouldn't budge. Molly decided to put the bowl down and look at him straight.

"Well..." Steven lingered. He sat down on the other chair beside the desk and rubbed his hands together, nervous. He opened his mouth and closed it. "Molly, well... Rory wanted to see you."

Molly's brows furrowed. She stared at Steven, not saying a word hoping he would say something, anything. 'How did Steven expect me to react to this?' Molly thought to herself.

Steven heaved a deep breath,"It doesn't matter who your real dad is. You should know that I love you like my own... but Molly, this won't

t crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

The night came soon. Moonlight Street was famous for being packed with people, especially at night. It never changed - it was always crowded and this was where people spent their money. You could always forget about your problems and spend your money on all kinds of things to buy your happiness here. And you could also live an exciting life here, like riding a roller coaster.

Molly walked briskly. She was running late because she didn't wake up on time. If Daniel hadn't woken her up, she might have missed work completely. Molly glanced at her watch, the casino was straight ahead. She walked faster, almost doing a run. She was going to be late any minute now.

Suddenly, Molly heard some brakes screech to a halt.

This made Molly jump. She saw that the car was right in front of her, she took a step back and made a gesture to the car, showing her apology. After which, she ran towards the casino only a few steps away now.

Brian was the one driving. His fingers tightening on the wheel as he saw Molly sprint towards the casino. He watched her as she disappeared inside the revolving doors.

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