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   Chapter 287 Jealousy is the entanglement of the four! (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5490

Updated: 2019-02-27 10:39

Finally nodding, Molly thought about the cheap but tasty food in the South Street Alley. The place also offered freedom, something that Molly appreciated. For a person like Eric who had been living in a willful way since childhood, the word "freedom" was something that he took for granted.

Lost in her thoughts, the car suddenly stopped in front of a candy store. Expecting to see South Street Alley, Molly turned to look confusedly at Eric.

Eric jumped out of the car and said,"Wait for me here!"

Without waiting for her reply, Eric strode inside the store. He came out after a while with a delicate box in his hands. He handed it to Molly before going back to the driver's seat.

Molly received the box doubtfully. Opening the lid, she found a beautifully wrapped candy inside.

She frowned, looking up at Eric's expectant face.

Grinning, Eric said simply,"Candy can make you happy!"

Molly threw Eric a surprised look. She didn't know how to respond to Eric's tricks for cheering up kids. However, because of his thoughtfulness, Molly felt a little sweetness in her heart.

Watching Molly's doubtful expression turn to appreciation, Eric started the car happily. Soon they were heading to South Alley Street.

Picking up the box, Molly flipped it open to look at the candy inside. After a while she put it back in the box. Suddenly she thought of something that has been bothering her ever since they left the restaurant. The more she thought about it, the more confused she became. In the end, she typed a message and showed it to Eric when they passed a stop light.

"Becky's retina was infected and removed. She can'

ng, the situation will be more troublesome!"

Standing up, Edgar asked,"Is there any news with Steven?"

"Mr. Brian Long has already taken care of him!"

Bill's answer made Edgar pause, it seems that most of his speculations are correct.

It seemed that Mr. Brian Long had already known a lot. Small wonder that the people who were sent out recently couldn't suppress the urge to take actions.

"It seems… we should let it go!"

Bill said worriedly.

Edgar just laughed. "There will be an answer, soon. Just wait and see."

Looking confused, Bill waited for Edgar to explain, which obviously he had no intention of doing.

Edgar looked out of the window and rubbed his eyebrows slightly. He can't wait for the day when all things will be revealed…

As soon as the truth was uncovered, he wouldn't need to be controlled by others. The barrier between him and Molly would crumble. He was counting on the emotional foundation they had for so many years. Soon, he would be able to bring her back to his side again...

'Wait for me, Molly. Wait for me!' Edgar prayed fervently.

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