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   Chapter 286 Jealousy is the entanglement of the four! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5936

Updated: 2019-02-27 10:38

Eric held Molly's hand and slowly lifted it up. He closed his eyes and kissed the back of her hand reverently. He said in an emotional voice,"Little Molly, maybe we started in the wrong footing, maybe the whole process was wrong, maybe the result will be wrong, too..." he paused.

"Anyway, I'm still grateful for the opportunity to accompany you! Your path since I met you has been long and hard. However, please believe me when I tell you that I will always stay by your side as long as you need me."

The whole restaurant was so quiet that you can hear a pin drop.

Brian's mouth tightened at Eric's audacity. His fist clenched under the table and he had to force himself to sit still.

The guests of the neighboring table were looking at the couple with obvious interest. It's not every day that they could chance upon true love confessions. The handsome young man sounded so sincere that everybody in the restaurant was rooting for him. Eric slowly opened his eyes and looked searching at Molly.

Molly's eyes widened in shock. She was not expecting this reply from Eric. She looked around hastily and flushed as she encountered the beaming look from the couple near their table. Blinking, she swallowed her tears and typed at the same time: Aunt Shirley told me that as long as I take one step forward, there will be a different scenery waiting for me.

You told me that no matter how hard my path is, you will always be with me…

Eric, I really appreciate it. No matter how hard the road is, I will keep moving forward, even if the path is full of sharp stones.

Seeing the determination in her face, Eric smiled approvingly. He raised his hand and gently touched her face. After a while he resumed his usual manners. Catching her hands, he said,"Let's go so

cape her. She found it strange that Brian seemed greatly affected by Eric and his girlfriend. For some reason, she had a feeling that the woman was the one who was living with Brian while she was absent.

What she can't understand is what she's doing with Eric. Could it be that this woman had a claim in the hearts of both Brian and Eric?

That's impossible!

Brian and Eric could only have her in their hearts!

Her hands clenched around the fork she was holding while her gray-stained eyes showed no emotion. However, her trembling lips revealed her anxiety and fear.


After leaving the French restaurant, Molly felt a little better. When she saw Becky's picture in Brian's study, she expected to meet her someday. She didn't count on falling in love with Brian, so she was not prepared for the pain and sadness that she's feeling now.

After driving for a while, Eric turned to Molly and asked,"How about we go to the South Street Alley to eat Chitterling thin noodles?"

With knitted brows, Molly turned to Eric.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

With raised eyebrows, he continued,"Those things are better than you think, besides you like to eat…"

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