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   Chapter 285 Jealousy is the entanglement of the four! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6069

Updated: 2019-02-27 00:18

Molly finally glanced over at Brian who was leaning back in his chair. Brian looked back at Molly with veiled eyes, raising his glass and drinking the contents in one gulp. She compressed her lips and shook her head. She didn't want to say hello to him, but it didn't mean that she was running away from him.

She will not give him the satisfaction. In truth, she wanted to get away from him not only physically but also mentally.

Eric smiled and gestured for the waiter to lead them to their table.

It might be coincidence, but then again, he didn't believe in coincidences, but their table reserved by the restaurant was parallel to Brian's table. Only one table was separating them.

"Brian, ask Eric to come over and we can sit together."

Becky's cheerful voice carried over to where Molly and Eric were sitting. She stiffened at the sound of the awfully familiar voice. The uneasiness in her heart became more and more heavy. Turning, she tried to catch a glimpse of the speaker, but the waiter blocked her sight. As soon as he moved, she got a clear sight.

Molly looked at Becky's face. Her first impulse was to get up and run as fast as she can…

She was about to get up, but Eric caught her hand and forced her back to her seat.

Sensing the weird atmosphere, Becky turned to Brian. "What's going on? Why Eric is not joining us?"

Frowning she asked again,"Why can't I hear Eric say anything?"

Glancing at Molly, Brian's eyes narrowed as he saw her pale face. Turning to his companion, he explained,"Eric is with a friend now. It's not convenient for him to join us."

Hearing Brian's reply, Becky got even more confused. She had spent more time with Eric than with Brian. Although she wasn't sure about who she really liked until recently, she was pretty sure that Eric was besotted wi

t happened this morning in the casino. She was sad when she saw Brian with someone else. She was sadder when she saw it was Becky with Brian...

'How much sadness can I take in a single day?' Molly thought bitterly.

The piled sadness was like a fire in her blood, suffocating her.

The suffocation became even worse as she realized that it was Becky all this time, the woman that Brian loves, the woman who will be his wife one day…

Choking back a sob, Molly tried to breathe normally. She tried to smile lightly at Eric to reassure him that she's all right. Bringing out her phone, she started typing: I don't care if you brought me here on purpose or not. I'm really not happy at this moment. However, thanks to your presence, at least I'm not alone.

Thank you for keeping me company every time I need.

Reading her message, Eric's eyes softened. Her heartfelt words seemed to melt his heart. He looked at Molly tenderly. At that moment, there was only one thought in his mind. He wanted to be her guardian angel, forever. He wants to break the routine of his life and start following his heart instead of his mind. He wants to believe that one day the wish in his heart will become a reality.

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