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   Chapter 284 Jealousy is the entanglement of the four! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6099

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Wearing a pair of beige ankle boots with heels about ten centimeters tall, Molly nervously clutched Eric's arm for support. Her lips were set in a pout as she threw Eric a disapproving look.

A self-satisfied smirk spread on Eric's face as Molly tightened her grip on his arms. "Don't you think this pair of boots match with this dress perfectly?" he asked Molly smugly.

There's no doubt that Eric has excellent taste in women's apparel. The beige dress he chose matched perfectly with the ankle boots. Looking at herself in the mirror, Molly couldn't help but feel a boost in her morale. She was shocked to see how attractive and feminine she looked in the dress.

The simple cut of the dress accentuated her femininity and made her look pure and innocent at the same time.

For a moment she stood staring at her reflection in wonderment. Now she understood the saying,"clothes make the woman". She flushed as she took in her chic reflection in the mirror. Only her hair seemed to need attention, she thought.

Just as the thought passed her mind, Eric appeared with a delicately crafted flower hairpin. With sure movements, he picked up her hair and coiled it up in a perfect bun at the nape of her neck and secured it with the pin. The effect of the simple change of her hairstyle was spectacular. She looked like a totally different person from the one who came to the shop just minutes ago.

The sales assistants in the store looked at the couple with approval. Besides observing her transformation, they all looked at Eric with adoration.

Molly took one last look at herself in the mirror and smiled. Every woman wants to look beautiful and she is no exception.

Behind her, Eric smiled at Molly's reflection. He knew that Molly was happy with her transformation. "A girl will doll herself up fo

little, he whispered,"If you want to get rid of him, the first thing you need to do is learn to face him."

His words make sense, Molly thought as she looked up at Eric. He nodded his head in encouragement. Even though she realized that Eric's real intention was to get a rise out of Brian, she also knew that what he said was right.

She had to learn how to face Brian, if she wanted to get rid of him.

Molly looked discreetly to where Brian and his companion were sitting. Because of the angle she couldn't see the girl's face clearly. She convinced herself that she was not interested to know the identity of the girl!

Eric gently squeezed Molly's hand.

He moved his head towards Brian and Becky to signal Molly to say hello. She can feel Brian's disapproval in waves and she can't bring herself to look at him.

Molly began to get nervous. Looking up at Eric with pleading eyes, she tried to tell him wordlessly that she doesn't want to greet Brian.

Looking at Molly's pained expression, Eric felt remorseful. He nodded slightly and asked her gently,"If you're not feeling comfortable, how about we go to another restaurant?"

'Go to another restaurant?' Molly thought the idea was appealing.

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