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   Chapter 281 Part Mood Swings (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6186

Updated: 2019-02-26 11:08

Hearing Brian's cruel words, Molly realized that she couldn't endure what was happening any longer.

She glared at him with fire in her eyes, feeling totally fearless.

She moved her lips in an attempt to speak, but a violent streak of pain ripped through her throat, causing her to gnash her teeth silently. She looked frustrated and utterly dejected.

Feeling inferior because of others' humiliation was nothing, but not being able to tell Brian how despicable she thought he was broke her heart.


As she formed the words silently in her mouth, her eyes threw daggers at Brian. Clenching her fists at her side, she watched the storm that was now gathering in his eyes. Her anger made her forget the feeling of heartache for a while.

'Perhaps too much pain can make one numb, ' she thought wretchedly.

"Demon?" Brian's eyes narrowed as he read Molly's lips. His face looked as if it was carved in stone, his smile bone chilling. Taking one step forward, it brought him immediately close in front of Molly. Grabbing her chin, he forcefully pulled her face closer. His eyes grew cold as he felt her quiver at his touch.

"You've known me for a long time so you should know me well, right?"

His arctic voice made Molly shiver as if with cold. Her chin began to throb as Brian tightened his grip. Molly stubbornly met Brian's icy stare, not giving in an inch. It was a fierce battle of wills that kept the onlookers staring with interest.

While disdain and disgust flared in Molly's eyes, Brian responded with a ferocious stare.

"I wasn't born to be kind. Lives are two a penny in my eyes," Brian growled.

As soon as he finished speaking, Brian released Molly's chin violently. The movement sent her reeling backward, nearly falling down as she lost her footing.

Looking up, she glared furiously at Brian, her blood

even a single attack once his weakness was exposed.

Driving down the street of A City, Brian was on his way to the hotel to pick up Becky for lunch. His handsome face was expressionless, but his eyes were burning with rage.

The events at the casino kept playing on his mind. He recalled Molly's disdainful eyes as she stood her ground. The tires screamed as Brian pushed the car to its limit.

Meanwhile, Molly walked quietly in the crowd. The noon sun was shining on her but it afforded no warmth. She shivered with cold as if she was walking in the Antarctic.

Stopping in the middle of the street, Molly looked down at her feet. The sun was shining from behind her, but even her shadow seemed sad and lonely.

The sound of an incoming message broke into her contemplation. She took out her phone to read the message.

"Look behind you, Little Molly!"

Frowning, Molly looked back and saw Eric in his eye-catching Maserati coming towards her.

The car screeched to a halt beside her, causing a slight commotion. Pedestrians looked with annoyance at the young man behind the wheel. Molly gaped as Eric's wicked grin came into view.

"Get in."

Eric tossed his head, reaching over to open the passenger door. .

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