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   Chapter 280 Apology Not Accepted (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5590

Updated: 2019-02-26 00:18

The man paled all of a sudden and his eyes went wide in fear. He immediately shouted to Molly,"Sorry! I'm sorry! I lost money! I took it out on you! Please, forgive me!" The words tumbled out of his mouth rapidly. He didn't want to die, and tears rimmed his eyes. I'm sooo sorry…" he moaned.

Looking at the man who apologized over and over to save his own life, Molly was not happy at all. Instead, she felt even worse. They were torturing this man for her. She turned her head to look at Brian, unable to watch this any longer. Her eyes were full of emotions mixed with anger and sadness, and she was unable to hide them.

He did not understand, at all... What he didn't understand was what life was like on the bottom rung of society. They would do everything they could in order to survive. They threw away their pride just to keep themselves alive. Brian stood high above the masses. In his glance was a look of "I can do whatever I want."

'You're so smart, Bri. But why can't you understand that the last thing I want to see is that someone reduced to this, tortured and beaten, begging for his life?' Molly thought desperately in her heart.

Every word the man said to her was like a cruel hand which tore a piece of her soul away. She felt hurt. So hurt!

Molly's eyes grew even redder with sadness and stinging tears. However, she raised the corners of her mouth and smiled instead. She laughed at herself yet she was unable to hold her sadness back any longer. Finally, tears spilled out of her eyes and rolled down her checks. A bitter taste spread in her mouth immediately.

"Sorry, sorry... I'm sorry…"

The man kept apologizing to her. Every word c

?" That man screamed again. "Let go of me… No… Oh… Mffflwm!" *Koff! Koff!*

Tony grabbed his jaw and forced it open, then popped the drug in the man's mouth. He stared wide-eyed in despair and fear. He coughed a lot, trying to spit out the drug. However, it was in vain. He felt the bitterness in his throat and it began to burn. Fire lived in his throat. His face was distorted in a mask of pain.

Seeing the man in such agony, Molly shook her head. It was like a train wreck. She couldn't bear to look but couldn't look away. She had never seen anything like this and her heart was chilled with fear.

"He bullied you. He has to pay!" Brian's voice seemed to come from hell. He raised his hand and touched her face gently.

Molly went skittish when his fingers touched her face. She immediately recoiled in fear, leaning away from him like he was some venomous serpent. She looked at Brian, quavering, as if she were staring at a demon.

Brian raised one corner of his mouth and gave a cold smile. His next words were spoken as a warning. "You're my woman. I won't allow anyone to mess with you, ever!"

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