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   Chapter 279 Apology Not Accepted (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5700

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Becky was back. He went to pick her up at the airport. They even spent the night in that hotel where she lost her virginity, which changed her life forever. Becky and Brian probably even did it in that same bed.

Molly blinked, frowned, and fought to keep the bitterness deep inside her. She didn't want to show that she was sad and so weak that she couldn't keep her feelings in check. She'd just try to shut out his teasing, and not let him get to her.

They were looking at each other silently as if there were nobody else in this room. At least, nobody who fought about love or hatred, who wanted each other desperately but couldn't bring themselves to admit it.

The foreman finally figured it out. He'd learned to be sharp-eyed and could sense what was going on. He was confused when Jason gave him certain orders yesterday. But now he finally got it.

"Phewww… Phew…"

Suddenly the man was whining again. His mouth and nose were covered by one of the guards for a long time. So he found it difficult to breathe and whined. The man who held him readjusted in a hurry, and tried to cover his mouth again.

Molly silently took a deep breath and looked away from Brian. She took a look at the guy and knew something in her heart. She wore a mocking smile, but she wasn't happy at all. Instead, she felt even sadder.

What was Brian trying to do?

Was he forcing this man to apologize to her?

Well, well!

The mocking grin got even wider. She knew what she had to do. She lowered her head a bit and typed on her phone,"I'm leaving, if there is nothing else!"

Seeing Molly's expression, Brian did grow angrier. But also, his heart ached somehow. He hated it when he felt sorry for her.

orders. Seeing Brian look at him, Tony nodded a bit and then walked over to the bully who had harassed Molly. Suddenly, he raised his leg and kicked the bully before anyone knew what he was doing.


The big man crumpled immediately. He was knocked to the ground, and couldn't even get back up. He shouted loudly in anguish.

"Apologize to her." Tony's emotionless cold voice sounded loud in the silent room. But he simply ordered this man to apologize as calmly as if he were talking about the weather.

The man had never been tortured like this before. The big man was now just a big ball of agony, curled up, sweating and trembling violently. All he could do was to whine in pain.

Haunted by the horror of it, all Molly could do was to watch helplessly. She stepped back a bit, and stopped beside Jason, who did the same. They didn't want to be in the way in case Tony struck the man again. He cast a secret glance at Brian, who just looked sullen.

"Apologize to her!" Tony warned in a cold tone. This time, he pulled out a handgun, cocked it with a *chuchak*, and pressed the cold metal against the man's head.

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