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   Chapter 278 Apology Not Accepted (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5991

Updated: 2019-02-25 03:00

Brian sat there, unmoving.

He just stared with his deep eyes at Molly who was standing at the door.

His eyes went darker still, as if you'd get lost if you looked into them. He'd only gone one day without her. But why did it feel like a long time? He missed her a lot.

Things got oddly silent. Brian didn't say a word while Molly stood at the door. Jason just observed them, showing no emotion at all, and he chose to stay silent as well. When the man they caught tried to make a fuss, a nod to the guard signaled him to cover his mouth.

The man whined through the guard's hand, which brought Brian and Molly back to reality. Molly turned to look at the man and frowned. She walked over to him slowly in confusion. Then she stopped in front of him, looked at his torn clothing, then turned to Brian, asking him what happened with her expression.

Most of the people here worked in the VIP rooms upstairs. Apart from the foreman of the first floor lobby, nearly everyone knew about Molly and Brian. They weren't surprised to see Molly here. However, the foreman was apparently a bit shocked.

He looked at Brian who sat there casually and lazily the whole time, and then took a puzzled look at Molly. That man the guard was holding had been beaten heavily. The foreman thought it a normal reaction. Mr. Brian Long never allowed anyone to act up in his casino, so he might have had to be subdued when he resisted. But now he thought of another reason this man was detained. This might be punishment, considering Molly was here too. Did this guy do something to Molly?

Brian's handsome and distant face betrayed no emotion. The owner raised his eyes to look at Molly. He missed her a bit when he saw her at first. But somehow he missed her worse when she was right here in front of

g down in fear. He felt upset and let go of her. "Molly, I'm glad we've set the ground rules. I guess from this point forward you will address me as Mr. Brian Long," he said coldly.

Molly bit back tears of grief. He hurt her with his cruel words. Molly stared at the floor, mostly to avoid meeting Brian's eyes. His warning seemed to be unclear and unreasonable, but she knew too well what he meant!

Miserable and alone, she faced the truth and held back her bitterness as much as she could, and typed on her phone again,"Thank you for reminding me, Mr. Brian Long. I'm just a waitress here. If you tell me to go, I'll go. If you decide to fire me, then you won't need to see me again."

Brian narrowed his eyes, which couldn't conceal his dark and deep rage. He really felt like tearing her to bits when he read her words. How ungrateful she was!

Molly gritted her teeth secretly. She forced herself to look right into Brian's eyes when she took back her phone. Now that they were strangers, why would she be afraid of him? After all, she didn't know him anymore.

But… Why did she feel so sad that she wanted to run away when she looked at him? Why did her heart hurt like this?

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