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   Chapter 277 Bury Her Sadness In Her Heart (Part Two)

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"It's late. Probably it's a good time to end your shift. Have a good night," Justin ordered. It wasn't until Jona left that he got up and sauntered out to the balcony. He lit a cigarette and took a long drag. As he smoked, he thought, 'Oh, Molly. Rory's baby daughter continues to surprise me. Not only did she make Edgar do a lot for her but also Mr. Brian Long and even Eric, future boss of Dragon Island, both treat her differently.'

Justin exhaled a cloud of nicotine-laced vapor. His eyes became more complicated, as if he was plotting something.

Justin's ringtone broke the quiet of the night.

He frowned and took the phone from his pocket. When he saw who dialed, he snapped from impatience to reverence at once. "Sir."

"How's everything going?" the commander asked on the other end.

"As far as I know, well." Justin replied, in a tone full of respect for his superior.

"Mr. Brian Long is about to put his fingers in the State Parliament pie. I don't care whether he's an conservative faction guy or is just bored. Get rid of him."

"Yes, sir!" Justin promised.

"You should," said the commander meaningfully on the phone,"make this clean. I'm tired of mopping up your messes. Your superiors might get tired of it."

"I see what you mean, sir." Justin said in all seriousness,"I'll get it right this time. No one will ever know."

"All right. See to it."

After the commander finished speaking, he hung up the phone. Justin slowly put down his phone and massaged his forehead. He felt a headache coming on.

'Now things are really heating up. Conservative faction vs. Reformist faction. Jonny has been waiting for the right time to come here. This time, Rory got here first. I can't let Jonny pay Steven off. Otherwise, we'll be exposed.'

Lost in thought, he frowned, glanced at the night sky, and then put out his cigarette in an ashtray. Still thinking, he walked into his bedroom.

On the other side of the globe, South Africa, the sun had just risen. The warm and soft sun shone on the earth and began a new day.

At the XK Intelligence Agency training camp, Hell Forest.

Richie stood at the entrance to Hell Forest in camo uniform and military boots. He put his hands in his pocket and looked ahead with sharp eyes, waiting for the next man to emerge.

Time ti

was happy.


The early morning sunshine shone on A City, bringing a bit of warmth to the bitter chill of winter. The rare good weather dispelled the haze, so everything looked full of promise.

However, even on a beautiful day like this, the atmosphere at the quiet Grand Night Casino was quite tense.

Brian sat in a comfortable chair, with his long legs crossed. He stared at the man in front of him with a scornful smile, which was meant to scare him. Most people were unsettled by that chilling smile.

"What... What do you want?" It was the bulky man who deliberately embarrassed Molly last night. He looked around nervously.

"What do I want?" Brian retorted, with a hint of mockery in his tone. "You're making trouble at my casino. That's your first mistake!"

This frightened the guy even more. He looked at Brian and thought, 'This guy's pretty young, but he's absolutely terrifying!' The man stammered,"I... I don't know what you're talking about."

Brian smiled wickedly, and gave him a frosty look.

Then a man dressed like a manager came in, stopped in front of Brian and said,"Mr. Brain Long, Molly's here."

Brian raised his head and looked at the entrance, inhaling sharply.

When Molly came to the Grand Night Casino Hall, she stopped and took in her surroundings. When she looked at Brian, Brian also happened to look at her at the same time. However, the look in their eyes was different. Molly looked at him as if she had fallen into an ancient well and was drowning. She almost couldn't breathe.

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