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   Chapter 274 Love Is Not Far From Sadness And Pain (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5775

Updated: 2019-02-25 00:09

Molly timidly looked down at the phone in her hands. It was the third phone which Brian had given her, but there was nothing important in it. The only precious thing to her was the photo of the snowman, which they had made together when Brian was trying to cheer her up, even though he only did it because he didn't want his day ruined by her bad mood.

Molly smiled weakly but the sadness in her eyes didn't fade away. Brian was never her man, not even for a single second. He had just drifted into her life and made her his toy. In the end, he had become a stranger once again. A mistress was the last thing she wanted to be, especially since Brian's real girlfriend was Becky.

But why was she so sad when she heard that Becky was back and that Brian was staying with her?

Molly thought to herself, 'You fell in love with Brian just because he made you feel safe. You're not attracted to him at all. You just wanted to be protected. You only feel this way about him because you're so emotionally insecure. It's not true love at all.'

Gritting her teeth, Molly squeezed the phone in her hands.

Eric was getting more and more annoyed at her sad expressions. He turned away from her and looked ahead, while a smirk crept back into his face. Very slowly, he said,"Oh, I almost forgot. There's something else that I need to tell you. The suite where you had met Brian at Sophia Hotel last time, was reserved for Becky."

If what he had said earlier made Molly feel bitter, this went beyond all that emotion. She was in real shock. It struck her like a bolt out of the blue.

Molly looked up at Eric, and she was so stunned that she forgot to hide her feelings. Her eyes were wide open and her face was deathly pale as

d. How ridiculous it was for her to fall in love with that man! That pervert and schizophrenic devil. He was only kind to her whenever he felt like it. She couldn't believe that she would fall for him just because she lacked a sense of security in her life. She had completely forgotten what a cruel man he was.

Her eyes had swollen and looked red and tears were forming in them again as she stared blankly at Eric. She wondered what on earth had happened to her. She knew that Brian was just playing with her, but she had somehow fallen for his charms and had traveled far away from her reality. What could she do now? What should she do?

Surrounded by the silence in the car, she let the tears freely flow down her cheeks. She wanted to cry out loud, but she was too proud to do it in front of Eric. She had just put up with being humiliated in public at the casino without fighting back. If she lost herself now, it would be even more shameful than that.

She wanted to scream; she needed to vent. But there was nothing she could do right now.

Large tears ran down her face and onto Eric's hands. Her tears burned him, it was unbearable.

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