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   Chapter 272 Compassion Or Love (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6059

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"Shit! Are you blind?" The bulky man yelled at Molly as he was already in a bad mood.

Molly immediately bowed and scraped for him, nodding apologetically.

The man got more furious when she didn't properly apologize. He roared,"Don't you have a fucking tongue? Can't you even say that you're sorry?"

Molly bit her lower lip bitterly. She could do nothing but bow in front of him.

Seeing this, the man grew more irritated. He pounded on the gambling table with his heavy hand. 'Bang!' The sound drew everyone's attention to the table.

"Speak! Stop playing dumb!" The man pointed at Molly's forehead with his bulky finger. And his face became red with rage.

Molly felt a pain in her forehead where he poked her. Even though she nodded apologetically again, it seemed that the man was in no mood to let her go.

The scene had attracted many gamblers to their table. Although such things happened frequently at the casino, many people found delight in watching the show.

"I'm sorry, sir!" The leader of the main hall had just received the order from Jason who was watching the scene where Molly was being bullied. He hurried over to her. He caught a glimpse of her secretly and said to the man,"Sir, I am very sorry about the bad experience you've had here. The little girl can't speak. In order to express our sincere apology, we have prepared ten thousand chips for you. We hope that you can forgive her and enjoy yourself."

"What the fuck! I don't want your ten thousand chips! Do you know how much this suit is worth?" the man roared. He hadn't expected that the foreman would give him compensation to make him shut up. He was even madder now. He sneered and said,"This is a joke. The Grand Night Casino, such a big casino would hire a dumb woman to be a waitress. She has made a mistake and y

shes fluttered to keep her tears from dropping. Her hands clasped the tray, even as her knuckles turned ghastly pale.

The foreman looked at Molly and heaved a sigh. He told the person next to him to take Molly away to tidy herself up, and then he said to Molly,"You may get off work early today."

Molly took a deep breath and tried to pull on a fake smile. But she couldn't and finally gave up. She nodded at him and walked towards the dressing room.

The little performance didn't cause any more trouble. With the departure of that bulky man and Molly, the main hall became clamored again as if nothing had happened. Everything went on just as usual. Eric was standing at the entrance to the main hall. He had witnessed the whole incident. When he saw the man spill wine over Molly's head, he resisted the urge to chop off his hand.

Eric squinted slightly with a stern look which gave off a formidable aura. His lips curved into a dangerous smirk. Anyone would shake in fear if they saw Eric the way he was now.

Eric looked towards the direction in which Molly had left. After assuring that she was safe, he turned and walked out of the Grand Night Casino. As he left, he pulled out his phone.

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