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   Chapter 271 Compassion Or Love (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5900

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"You've always liked my eyes. But now, they are not as beautiful as they were. And I would completely lose my sight eventually." Becky broke down. She grabbed the hem of his shirt tightly and cried out loud,"I was afraid that you would no longer love me. I thought that my eyes could be cured in some foreign country with better medical technology. So I left you to go abroad. But my illness is hard to cure. And even Felix couldn't do anything. There is no suitable retina for me. I am going to be blind. I will never be able to see you anymore. I will never be able to clearly see your face anymore. I am scared that you will abandon me if I don't have those eyes that you love."

Becky was buried in deep grief and she talked incoherently. Her words wrung his heart. Brian groaned. Holding Becky tightly, he said in a grave voice,"Silly Becky, how can I abandon you even if you were blind? I didn't fall in love with just your appearance. I accept everything about you, your strength and your weaknesses. I accept all of it gladly. Do you understand?"

Becky sobbed with her hands grasping Brian's clothes more tightly,"But you just said that you were going to leave me. You said that you were going to leave me alone."

"No, I won't leave. I will never leave you," Brian said with his eyes gently closed. His cheek slightly touched Becky's smooth hair and he said softly,"How could I ever leave you alone? I was just annoyed about you leaving and irritated by your stubbornness, you know."

Becky didn't reply. She just sobbed. Brian put everything else behind him and hugged her close, only feeling deeply sorry for her.

After a long time, Becky gradually calmed down and stopped crying. She had already fallen asleep with a tear-streaked face. And her

id without much emotion,"Tell the foreman in the main hall to take care of Molly and try to protect her from being bullied."

KK turned around to cast a glance at Molly who was taking more wine for the guests. Then he turned back and answered with a nod,"Understood, sir."

Jason nodded his head in reply. He continued to inspect the main hall. Though he didn't know what was the intention Mr. Brian Long had harbored for Molly, he had never seen Mr. Brian Long do so much for a woman. And he was afraid that Mr. Brian Long would be mad if Molly got hurt. Giving her some special treatment to ease her job was just like giving candy to a baby. As Mr. Brian Long's henchman, he ought to be foresighted and do what he was supposed to do.

Molly was still serving around the gambling tables with the tray in her hand. As time went on, gamblers were getting more and more excited. Consequently, more and more people lost money.

"Damn it! I lost again!"

Just as Molly was refilling an empty glass with wine for a guest, a bulky man beside her who had just lost a bet, threw the cards right at the glass in Molly's hand. The wine spilled out and landed on the bulky man.

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