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   Chapter 268 Reunion Exposed Her Struggle (Part Two)

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Howard, on the other hand, just stood still there until the car roared away. His expression clearly reflected his admiration and appreciation for Mr. Brian Long. The assigned task may have been against Brian, but he himself actually quite admired him. After all it was not an easy task for anyone to be as successful as Brian was in A City at the mere age of 25-years-old. He was powerful, successful and a force. Just this fact alone explained why so many people wanted to get rid of him.

Howard smile tacitly, then turned around and got into the car, bidding,"Head straight to the hotel first."

"Howard, he seemed like a tough and scary guy."

"If he was easy to deal with, boss wouldn't have sent us here, would he?" Howard said calmly, his head still recalling Brian's domineering and heavy words.

Such a man was worth a task of this proportion and importance.


Meanwhile, in front of the alley at Molly's house, Brian glanced around with his sharp eyes and gestured Tony to get rid of Edgar's spies before he walked in to meet her.

Steven was not anticipating Brian's arrival even slightly. He didn't even welcome Brian in, but instead just stared at him timidly. "It's so late at the moment. Mr. Brian Long, are you here to meet Molly?" he asked carefully trying to avoid offending Brian and added,"I'm sorry to tell you she is not home right now. She is working at the casino."

"Well actually I came here for you." Brian said in a soft yet intimidating tone, but his expressions remained calm and peaceful.

"Um, for me?" Steven looked at Brian in disbelief and shock.

Brian looked at him with disappointment, then walked to a shriveled tree in the yard. His eyes seemed cold and threatening.

First Steven glanced inside the house, then at Brian who was outside. He then rushed to Brian and obediently asked,"Em... What...brings you here today to meet me? What is that you came for, Mr. Brian Long?"

Brian turned around and examined Steven's nervous expression, a man who was earlier quite ambitious. W

cky asked nervously.

Harrow was now totally bewildered as he thought she was informed about his arrival. He looked at Becky from head to toe, but could not find any difference. "Becky?" he called her tentatively.

Becky frowned, winked her impaired eyes, and after a brief pause she responded,"Harrow, is that you?"

The doubt in her tone managed to raise Harrow's eyebrows with confusion. He again tried to examine Becky and eventually set his sight on her big but no-longer-bright eyes. Taking one step forward, he asked,"Becky, your eyes... What happened?"

Just the question wiped her smile from her face and twisted her expression. Becky bit her lips, then answered honestly,"I can't see clearly any more."

"You can't see anything clearly? Are you saying your vision is impaired? What are you saying?" Harrow asked as he pulled a chair to sit across from Becky. He waved his hand in front of her, but received no response. Her eyes remained unwavering and dull. The result of his experiment shook him to the core. "What happened to you?" he asked with concern.

Becky got up, shook herself out of the grief and asked,"So where is Brian?"

"Mr. Brian Long is busy at the moment and so he asked me to pick you." Harrow looked at Becky with concern. After some consideration, he finally asked,"Does Mr. Brian Long know about your eye sight?"

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