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   Chapter 267 Reunion Exposed Her Struggle (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6337

Updated: 2019-02-23 15:49

"Where are you right now?"

"Well I'm at the A city airport at the moment."

Becky sat in the VIP lounge in a reserved manner, with her impaired-vision, as she bit her lip nervously.

Her entire world was crumbling around her as darkness engulfed everything. For the entire duration, her heart was anchored down with fear and hesitation, but the second her flight landed she was relieved and calmer. Now after hearing Brian's voice, all her concerns seemed to have vanished completely; she was now able to see the light in the end of the tunnel. "Brian, I miss you dearly and craving to see you again."

Brian's heart sank the moment he heard her breaking voice. As far as he could remember, Becky had never ever been so weak, vulnerable and sentimental in front of him. "Just wait in the airport. I'll come pick you up."

"Okay, sure." Becky replied,"I'll be waiting for you."

Brian then ended the call and walked right outside; Tony followed behind him.

They took the exclusive elevator down to the parking space, then drove right to the airport in haste.

As the night grew darker gradually, the weather began to change as well. But the stars shone brightly across the clear night sky, indicating a good weather tomorrow, in contrast to the snowy and hazy weather back when Becky had left.

From the rear-view mirror, Tony cast a glance at Brian, then went back to focusing of driving there fast. Now all his previous doubts and inhibitions had disappeared. No matter how special Molly's place in Brian's heart was, she could never replace Becky.

"Pull the car over now!"

Suddenly Brian's cold order came loud and clear from the back seat. And just like he demanded, Tony stopped the car abruptly. With a serious look, he glared at the car standing in their way.

And as Brian continued staring at the car parked across them without uttering a single word, Tony instinct

ssed his judgment.

Brian too generously returned a smile, and slowly said,"Well, it's my honor... To be the main target declared by new head of the Wolf SWAT Team."

Howard's attitude was slightly shaken, but he recovered faster than he reacted. He then replied,"Mr. Brian Long, are you referring to me? Huh, who am I to confer such honor on you?"

Brian smiled calmly and answered,"You know exactly what I'm referring to. So, let's cut to the chase. Tell your boss. I don't enjoy unnecessary commotion, but... I will not hesitate to do so if you cross my path."

Brian then turned around with swag and was preparing to enter the car. But he suddenly stopped in his tracks, looked back to Howard who stood still in the same spot, and added,"I know you are supposed to carry out your boss' order under any cost. So I will wait for your arrival."

With a provocative and sly smile, he got into his car. Then Tony, after passing a cold look to Howard, started the engine. "Mr. Brian Long, so are we heading to the airport now?" he asked sincerely.

"No, actually let's go to Molly's house." Brian ordered in a cold tone.

"Okay, will do." Tony was surprised at his answer, but still without revealing his reaction, he veered the car for downtown area.

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