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   Chapter 266 The Hidden Loneliness(Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6987

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It was strange. Mr. Brian Long had been living alone all the time. But for the last month, Molly had been staying with him in this house. Now she left, and all of a sudden it felt somewhat lonely in the big house.

Lisa sighed again. She knew that Brian would not have dinner at the villa anymore. She then went to clean up the dining table.

"Where are we going, Mr. Brian Long?" Tony drove the car out from the villa. He took a look at Brian through the rearview mirror and asked him.

"The casino," Brian responded the destination indifferently.

Tony replied with a "yes" and then drove the car steadily on the street, heading for the Grand Night Casino quickly.

"Ouch –"

Tony suddenly pressed the brake pedal. Brian raised his head and looked ahead, his eyebrows frowning. A girl was pushing a bike and nodded to them to apologize for the delay. Then she left away quickly.

Brian frowned suddenly. A particular night a month ago flashed over through his mind unconsciously. At that night, Molly also appeared suddenly in front of his car. Like what the girl just did now, she nodded to them to apologize as well and then left away.

Tony took a quick glimpse at Brian through the mirror once again. Brian, on the other hand, looked at that girl until she disappeared into the distance and did not say anything. Tony started the car again and drove to the underground parking lot of Grand Night Casino.

The moment Brian's car drove into the entrance of the parking lot, a red Maserati stopped suddenly at the gate of Grand Night Casino. Eric took a quick look at the Casino and then turned his head to Molly. "Are you sure you'll work here?" he asked.

Molly smiled bitterly and typed on her phone,"Do I have the right to reject his arrangement?"

Eric frowned slightly. He obviously knew it. However, he still could not help asking her without even realizing it. Apparently, he still had no idea about his true feelings for Molly. "But you can't speak now. It's not convenient for you to work here," he said hesitantly.

Molly pressed her lips and continued typ

d it take to be so happy?

He did not see her smile at all when he gave her the credit card without a limit.

Tony took a glimpse at Brian secretly and pursed his lips silently. Mr. Brian Long did nothing but merely sat here watching the screen as soon as they arrived here. At first, he felt that it was quite strange. But later, he realized the reason when he saw Molly appear in the lobby wearing a waitress' uniform. He also noticed that Brian's eyes were fixed on Molly no matter where she went from the beginning to the end.

"Does it make you feel satisfied guessing what's on my mind?"

A cold voice suddenly said. Tony was startled and immediately replied with eyes looking ahead,"No!"

"Huh!" Brian grunted and shut the monitor down angrily.

Tony pressed his lips again and in his mind, cursed silently, 'Just keep looking if you like. Shutting down the screen... Why so hard on yourself?'

Just as he was almost lost in his mind, Brian shot another glare at him once again. Tony was so frightened that all his thoughts disappeared to nowhere all of a sudden.

Suddenly, Brian's phone rang. He tore his eyes from Tony and picked up the phone at the same time.

"Brian, where are you?" A timid and shy voice was heard from the phone. It was Becky.

Brian frowned slightly and answered immediately,"I'm in A City. Where are you now?" he asked.

"At the airport."

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