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   Chapter 265 The Hidden Loneliness (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6879

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Brian suddenly frowned tightly. He stopped his work at hand immediately and looked at Tony. Tony nodded to confirm his words, which made Brian frown even more deeply.

"What shall we do next, Mr. Brian Long?" Tony asked. Brian Long had already anticipated what Justin might do and had planned to address the problem at once. However, things would be different should Mr. Eric Long get involved. Brian had to consider and think whether his move would be too aggressive since getting Eric involved meant getting Dragon Island involved. But he would never allow anything to interrupt the business of Dragon Island.

"We have to stop it for now," Brian said distantly. There was no emotion shown on his cool face at all. He cast a sidelong look at Tony who was about to say something yet refrained it and then lowered his head to concentrate on his work. Finally, he raised his head when he finished all the papers and said slowly,"Tell Vincent to give absolute authority to the special soldiers. I don't like it when things are delayed."

"Yes," Tony replied firmly and then left.

After Tony left the room, Brian took out his phone and dialed. He spoke fluently when the phone was answered by someone,"Sam, this is Emperor."

"Hello, Emperor," Sam replied in a low voice then continued,"I heard from my secretary that you have called me many times!"

"Yes, I did." Brian leaned against the back of his chair slowly. He knocked at the desk with his long fingers and said,"I'm still trying this time."

"You made it! How could someone like you who are in high standing in the society be so interested in me, a doctor who's already had his license revoked?" Sam teased.

"I don't mind it whether you have a license or not. I don't consider that important," Brian's voice sounded indifferent and calm. "I only care about those who are useful to me. I would not save my sincerity even for a beggar."

Sam was obviously thrilled to hear that. However, he kept his happiness inside his heart deliberately and pretended that he was not moved at all. He

so quickly.

It was getting dark. Brian pressed his eyebrows. He felt a bit tired now because he did not sleep last night. Plus, he was dealing with all his works from different departments. It was almost dark when he called Sam.

"Knock, knock!" Someone was knocking at the door.

"Come in," Brian replied.

Lisa opened the door and walked in then said,"The dinner is ready, Mr. Brian Long."

"Okay," Brian responded briefly. After Lisa went out, he took a glance at the stock chart of M Country on his computer and then walked out of the office.

A variety of delicious dishes were served on the dining table. Brian sat in his seat and ate quietly. Somehow, these dishes which usually tasted delicious seemed to have lost the flavor now. He could not feel how tasty they were at all right now. Brian frowned slightly and unconsciously, looked into the seat where Molly sat in last night. He stared at the seat, seemingly lost in his mind. He even imagined seeing Molly passing the bowl to him.

He frowned deeper. He tore his gaze from that direction distantly, his face full of coldness. He moved his bowl a bit and suddenly felt like he lost his appetite. Finally, he put the bowl down, took his coat and walked out of the villa.

Seeing the disappearing figure and looking back at the food on the table which were rarely eaten, Lisa sighed slightly.

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