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   Chapter 264 The Hidden Loneliness (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7024

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A cold voice was heard from the door.

It was Eric.

He was leaning against the door casually with his arms crossed in front of his chest and an evil smile was resting on his lips. A dangerous feeling was sensed from his face.

He was looking coldly with a sneer at the man who caught Molly.


A feeling of surprise flashed through Molly's mind. She felt a bit bitter when she thought of what Eric had said to her before that he would always appear whenever she was in need.

Recalling all of this, Molly felt a lump in her throat all of a sudden. She compressed her lips and looked at Eric who had an aura of dangerous air around him.

"Who are you?" The man who caught Molly asked in a low voice.

Eric raised the corners of his mouth a bit and a weird atmosphere surrounded his figure. "Who am I? Well, it has nothing to do with you," he replied lazily. "However, there will be consequences should you force her to do something!"

The other two men exchanged looks with each other and then one of them said coldly," We are just inviting Miss Xia on behalf of our boss."

"Oh?" Eric interrupted and walked slowly towards them. He continued," The way that you have invited her is really quite unique."

One of the men looked at Eric alertly and was about to say something. But before the man was even able to voice out his words, Eric spoke," But whether you are inviting her or kidnapping her, she seems to be unwilling to go with you, right?"

Eric shifted his eyes at Molly and Molly nodded immediately in response. Eric shrugged his shoulders, flung up his hands and said in a seemingly helpless tone," I can see now that she is surely unwilling to go with you. Why don't you just be nice and let go of her?"

"Hmmm!" The man snorted coldly and rejected Eric's proposition and then replied," I'm afraid we can't do that."

"Oh…" Eric responded in a deliberate tone and stretched the syllable. Then he added," Well, in that case, there's nothing else left for me to do but this."

Just then, Eric swept the leg and kicked the man in front of him before that guy cou

pen and paper and wrote," Rory Yan?"

Eric took a glimpse at the name and then looked back at Molly. He thought for a second and replied," It's him probably."

Molly laughed at herself at Eric's reply. If Rory was really her biological father, how could he have done this to his daughter? A father would never send his men to force his daughter to do something.

"Will my parents and Daniel be in danger?"

"I don't think they will!" Eric quickly responded though he wasn't so sure of it. It should've been Justin instead of Rory who did all these things. But Justin was not a fool and he would not be so bold to hurt them when there was still a chance to fix things up.

Molly nodded. She trusted his words somehow.

Even she, herself, did not know why.

"Mr. Brian Long," Tony walked in from outside and greeted Brain. "Steve met Justin with Sharon, and Rory has already arrived at the airport," he reported.

Brian was busy with his work so he asked while his eyes were still focused on his work," Is there any news with Edgar?"

"Nothing for now," Tony replied and then looked at Brian. He opened his mouth and tried to say something. But he said nothing eventually.

"Do you have any other things to say?" Brian glanced at Tony. He could easily tell it when Tony was hiding something from him.

"Justin sent some men to take Miss Xia away but Mr. Eric Long stopped them."

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