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   Chapter 262 Limited Liberty (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6287

Updated: 2019-02-22 09:59

"Besides, you don't want to be late for your new job. You're working for me now, at Grand Night Casino," Brian said in a cold tone.

Molly frowned. She didn't want a job like that, so she was going to tell him no. However, as soon as her pen touched the notepad, the cold voice rang out again,"I won't take no for an answer. Do this, or I'll strand Daniel somewhere extremely unpleasant."

Molly suddenly raised her head and glared at Brian with eyes full of fury. She closed her mouth tightly to show her silent protest...

Brian smiled almost imperceptibly. He said indifferently,"Don't forget to let Jason know when you get there. You have the evening shift."

After saying that, Brian gazed at Molly deeply for a moment, and then turned around and trudged back to the villa. Molly stood there and watched his back disappearing into the haze, in much the same way he did with her. Molly did not stop staring in that direction even after Brian disappeared from sight. She didn't come to her senses until a roaring red Maserati stopped next to her.

"Molly! What are you doing?" Eric took a good look at Molly, taking her in from head to toe, and then he looked towards the villa. He asked,"Are you leaving?" Molly glanced at Eric for a scant few seconds.

She didn't answer him but instead turned around and continued walking down the mountain. While marching, she put the cellphone, the notepad and the pen into her backpack.

Eric touched his nose -- he felt snubbed. He turned the car around, and slowed down when he pulled alongside Molly. Eric opened the back hatch and looked at Molly, who didn't pay any attention to him at all. He continued,"Where are you headed? Hop in, I can drive you."

Molly just ignored him, and kept on her journey down the mountain.

"C'mon Molly, give me a break!" Eric was getting frustrated now. "Even if you don't want anything

e sat down, he picked up the cup of coffee, brewed by Lisa just before Harrow came. However, no sooner had he taken a sip than he was reminded of Molly, convincing him not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. He laughed grimly while an expression of loss was visible in his eyes.

Harrow saw that Brian had changed. And now he finally put it together. Molly left him, and Brian was not happy about it. He decided to stifle any questions and said,"The market slump has caused quite a stir. The stockholders are getting nervous. Rory Yan will fly to M Country today unless something unexpected happens!"

"Hum," Brian said in a low voice,"send someone to keep a watch on him. I must make sure he's gone as soon as possible."

"I have already sent someone to watch him..." After saying that, Harrow shifted his arms from the arm rail of the chair. He rubbed his hands together for a moment before he hesitantly asked,"Well, Mr. Brian Long, are you going to really let Miss Xia go like this?"

"Got a problem with that?" Brian sneered.

Harrow got a hint of danger from Brian's black eyes, so he tried to smooth it over by saying,"No, I was just wondering if Miss Xia will be safe. Things have gotten more complicated while she was staying here."

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