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   Chapter 261 Limited Liberty (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5963

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In this moment, he didn't think about why he did it. It was an instinctive reaction to run outside.

Lisa was about to open the door when it was opened from the inside. Brian passed Lisa like a cyclone and ran towards the gate with long strides.

Molly strolled down the mountain with a half-light and half-heavy heart. She hadn't looked back since she exited the villa, because she was afraid that if she did look back, she would lose the will to leave. She did not want that to happen. Even if she came here in shame, she wanted to go with pride.

Thinking of that, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Molly's mouth. Although her heart held so much bitterness, which was shown in her smile, she forced herself to smile. She had to be strong and go ahead firmly, or else she'd lose everything.


Molly paused for a second without turning around. She just stood there, while the smile at the corner of her mouth changed into one of self-mockery. She thought, 'What's wrong with me? Am I hearing things?' She heard Brian's voice, but she thought she got auditory hallucination, 'Are you sure about this, Molly? Why do you humiliate yourself like this?'

Molly took a deep breath while her eyelids were quivering to hide her eyes. She was close to tears. She took a step to keep on walking forward...

Staring at Molly's back, Brian frowned inwardly. His face was as frosty as it could be, betraying no emotion. He was quite unhappy that Molly wouldn't stop, even though he called out to her. So he yelled again,"stop!"

Brian's voice sounded especially clear in the quiet morning. The air was thick with heavy fog, but it did nothing to hinder his voice. Molly turned round to look at Brian. He was clad in his pajamas, but he looked indistinct in the haze, and

sten up! You'll be able to speak again. Probably soon!"

Molly smiled as she heard that. She had a look at the handsome yet gloomy face of Brian and then tore her eyes away to write,"Yeah, I believe you!"

Brian was not a happy camper at this point. His face darkened in anger, because he felt she was just saying that, that she didn't believe him at all. He wanted to be taken seriously, and it sounded to him like she was only saying that to make him feel better. Well, it didn't work. He prided himself on his word, and she was spitting on his honor just now, as if she would never want to see him again, and even if they would meet, she wanted them to treat each other like strangers.

"Molly, I've said it before and I'll say it again," Brian looked at her with his dark black eyes and said coldly,"You won't become dumb. I'll do everything I can to stop it." Every word was squeezed out between his teeth, one at a time.

Molly was sad to see Brian behaving like this. She thought, 'What if I really lose the ability to speak for the rest of my life? Brian, don't you know that... even if I'm doomed to lose my voice permanently, I still don't want anything to do with you?'

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