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   Chapter 260 Part Pretend To Be Strangers If We Ever Meet Again (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6007

Updated: 2019-02-22 00:18

That picture was her only good memory in the last month. After she left, Brian wouldn't call her. After that, they would be nothing more than strangers.

Molly looked around. This place had been strange to her. However, time had passed and she had become dependent on the warmth and security she had gotten while living in this place. But now, things had changed and nothing mattered to her any more. She pursed her lips. She had always considered her home as her only shelter, protecting herself from all harm. But, she had never been safe and care-free, since she never truly belonged anywhere. But, this place, which wasn't even her home, had given her a sense of belonging, a sense of security.

She inhaled deeply and stifled the sadness which was rising from deep down her heart. She bit her lips, swung her bag behind her and stepped out of the house. 'Goodbye, Bri. We will never see each other again. Goodbye to our love, which shouldn't have existed at all.'

Brian stood by the window in his room in a blue robe. He rested his hands in his robe pockets. He had mixed feelings as he watched Molly walk away from the house.

When they hugged yesterday, he had seen through her plan of leaving forever. Steven's lies had smashed her last ray of hope into pieces. The truth about her biological father, Becky's return... those were all heavy blows to her dignity. Consequently, leaving was her last and only choice. He could do nothing but stand there all night and wait for her to leave. Her dignity and pride were the only things that he could offer to her, untouched and intact. He watched her lone figure disappear. 'Molly, I hope you can find happiness in your life after this, if that's what you hope to achieve from leaving me. Goodbye, my love.'

Molly walked along the lane qu

ies would be with me forever.

Bri, thank you for everything that you have given me. Thank you for all the good and the bad memories. Thank you for everything that you have left in my life. If we ever meet again by accident in the future, walk away from me and say nothing. We will be strangers then. We will just be two passers-by who had enjoyed a few happy days together in the past, but we will be two people who won't recognize or embrace each other when we meet again. Bri, I hope you can forget me. Molly, the woman who truly loved you, but couldn't be beside you.'

Brian squinted as the bright sunlight pierced his eyes. He noticed that some words were blurred in her letter. He could imagine how much Molly must have had to refrain herself from crying as she finished the letter. But she had failed. Tear drops had stained the paper. She tried to hide her emotions, but had to say goodbye to Brian, the man whom she loved deeply.

He angrily crumpled the letter in his hand. The noise was heard loudly through the silence of the room. The air indoors felt suffocating. His mouth puckered. Without thinking any further, he rushed outside, with the crumpled letter still in his hand.

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