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   Chapter 259 Part Pretend To Be Strangers If We Ever Meet Again (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6788

Updated: 2019-02-22 00:06

Brian regained his composure, just as Vincent had expected. Things were getting way out of control. Not only Brian and Justin were involved, Dragon Island was also at the center of this crisis. However, as an emerging political power, Dragon Island could be weakened by this accident if it was not handled well. Mr. Richie Long would never let anyone harm Dragon Island in any way.

"As for the special force deployed by Justin..." Vincent hesitated before saying,"A band of our mercenary soldiers are good enough to teach them a lesson. As long as Justin is convinced that you won't continue your investigation, I'm sure that he will call his dogs back when the disputes between the two factions and the past incidents are considered. But,"

without a second thought, Vincent blurted out his worries,"I'm afraid that Molly may end up in some trouble, although we can't predict what it would be."

Brian rested his left arm on the armrest, and with his right hand, he rubbed his chin. There was a brief silence before he said,"Leave her to me. No harm will come to her. Besides, keep your eyes open till Richie gets back to XK Intelligence Agency. When Shawn is done with his mission in QY Island, he will be needed in Four-Nine City."

"Understood!" Vincent answered and Brian ended the call.

Tony sighed. Seeing the couple in a silent embrace, his face became more serious. Considering the current treacherous situation, he had no idea what Brian was thinking. Brian knew that Molly had gone home to see her parents as soon as he saw her at the gate of the villa. He had also guessed Steven's intentions. As for Rory's acknowledgment that Molly was his daughter, Brian suspected Rory's true motives behind the action. Rory was indeed set up by Justin back in the old days and Donna had asked the doctors to run the DNA test to prove that Molly wasn't Rory's daughter.

Tony drooped his eyes and pondered what Brian might be thinking. Becky was coming back, which was what Brian had so desperately wanted in the first pla

wl. Both of them were relaxed and delighted as they ate the home-cooked dinner.

As the night fell, everything around them fell into total silence. But dawn would soon arrive. Time was fair to everybody, regardless of whether they were happy or sad the night before.

Molly stayed awake all night. When morning came and the first light penetrated through the thick clouds and fell over the land, she put down her pen and stared at the paper in her hand with watery eyes. A bitter smile appeared on her face. She put the piece of paper under the pot of flowers in her bedroom.

Molly stood up and fumbled around in her bag for Brian's credit card and her mobile phone. Before she put them both on the table, she held her phone back for another look.

She flipped it open. The wallpaper on her mobile screen was a picture of her and Eric standing before the snowmen. She glanced at the picture and smiled bitterly. Her fingers slid across the screen and she opened the photo album. There was only one picture in the album, the snowman picture which she had sent to her phone with Brian's phone.

She looked at the simple snowmen. Her nose itched and her eyes reddened. She raised her head and had to forcefully refrain herself from sobbing. She took a deep breath, took one final glance at her phone, then turned it off and put it inside her bag.

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