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   Chapter 258 Part Pretend To Be Strangers If We Ever Meet Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6989

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"Could you hug me for a while?"

The words appeared on Molly's phone screen.

Brian squinted at the screen.

His black eyes were fixed on Molly's words. He didn't react. He just stood there, staring at the screen. When the screen finally turned off, he raised his head and gazed at Molly.

Molly looked like a pouting child, seeking love from her negligent parent. She noticed that Brian didn't make any move. She hesitantly took her mobile phone back, and lowered her eyes, deliberately hiding her frustration and disappointment. Then she turned around and set off towards the villa.

But her arm was pulled back by a strong hand and she was embraced from behind.

Brian held Molly in his arms quietly. He tightened his grip on her shoulders, as if he was trying to prevent her from escaping. "Did you go back home?"

his deep voice came from behind her. Brian already knew the answer to his question.

Molly didn't answer. She closed her eyes and turned around towards him. She pressed her cheek closer to Brian's chest and listened to his heartbeat, taking in his unique scent. She kept her arms around his waist and enjoyed the sense of security she only felt when she was with Brian.

Tony stood beside the car and watched the two lovers embrace under the light of the setting sun. The sight was pleasant, yet sad. He admired the love between Molly and Brian, and he hated that sad aura they were emanating. He wondered what it would be like when he was in love with a girl.

The young couple remained locked in the embrace. Brian remained silent and stared into space.

Tony's mind drifted to a conversation that he had witnessed between Brian and Vincent earlier that day. His mind was soon clouded by darkness.

"Mr. Brian Long, the situation seems to have gotten tricky." Vincent's impassive face appeared on the monitor during the video call. "A few past incidents might be involved in the political conflicts between Dragon Island and Four-Nine City."

There was a brief silence before Brian spoke,"Justin once spent his holiday on his twin brother's territory

he was foolish enough to be manipulated and used.

Brian shook with laughter, which was eerie because the atmosphere in the house had become rather tense. Vincent felt suffocated even though he was on the other side of the screen. His brow wrinkled.

"The assassination mission by the special force is to prevent you from conducting any further investigation into this matter, or..." Vincent stopped. He looked up at Brian's grim face and swallowed hard. He was nervous and was clearly at a loss for what to say next.

Brian raised his head and continued,"Or, those fools from the conservative faction will take advantage of Steven's grudges about what happened in the past and stir up trouble. As a result, Justin will be forced to act against me. Meanwhile, it's also a test of my power and strength. They expect us to suffer loss on both sides."

Vincent twisted his mouth in anxiety. He could sense that Brian was pissed off. Ever since his younger days, Brian had been in control of everything. He had never been set up or used by others before.

Molly was just a toy for Mr. Brian Long. She was just one of his countless women, who would be abandoned after he got bored of them. However, Steven saw his opportunity and found Mr. Brian Long's soft spot.

"What should we do next?" Vincent asked carefully, afraid that Brian might get angrier.

"Tell our people to pull out."

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