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   Chapter 257 The Truth Gradually Uncovers (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6538

Updated: 2019-02-21 04:59

Tears rolled down from Molly's eyes. She mocked her own fate and she felt that it didn't even matter who her father was. Even her mother had always wanted to abandon her. Was it important to know who her father was?

"Molly, could you come with me? I have to ask you something," said Steven. He was not as dignified as before. He had completely lost his cool. He looked towards Sharon helplessly and then he stood up and walked outside.

Molly looked at Sharon with tears in her eyes. She pinched her eyebrows and pressed her lips together. Then she withdrew her sights from her mother and followed Steven out of the room.

They walked through the small courtyard and did not stop until they arrived in a small alley. Molly stood silently behind Steven. The sadness on her face had not faded away. She had thought that nothing in her life could make her sadder. But it turned out that there was something worse waiting for her.

"Molly, you..." Steven started to say something. But he hesitated for a moment and finally asked,"What is the relationship between you and Mr. Brian Long now?"

Molly looked up at Steven. The irony spread from her lips to her eyes. She had called this man 'Dad' for more than ten years. Now he was asking her about the relationship between her and a man who treated her as a plaything.

She typed,"What do you think ?"

Those four words hurt Steven. His face muscles twitched uncontrollably. He looked at Molly in embarrassment and felt sad for her. But Molly now had no other emotions other than grief. Who could see the sadness in her heart? Who could understand her fear?

"I, I didn't mean that..." Steven was incredibly angry at himself. He did not know how to express the guilt in his heart. He said,"Molly, the situation is very complicated now. You can only be safe if you stay with Brian. Only if you are with him, those people wouldn't dare touch you."

Molly looked at Steven silently. Steven had alway

there are too many things that make us feel helpless in the world. Maybe one day, I can live for myself. But now, I can't ."

Daniel saw her final message. His hand tried to grab her, but Molly had already turned to leave. Her footsteps were so heavy. But at that moment, there was no way for him to stop her.

Molly walked for a long time. She felt weak. She did not know for how many hours she had been walking. She finally arrived at the villa. While she arrived, Brian had just come back. She stopped and looked at the car in a daze. Tony was driving the car and he slowly passed her to go to the parking lot. Brian got out of the car. Against the setting sun and the white snow, Brian stood near the car like an immortal being. His deep eyes were watching her.

Brian saw her lost look. He frowned slightly and then walked towards her. When he saw clearly that her face was still covered in tear stains, he frowned and asked indifferently,"What did you do today?"

Molly looked at Brian. After a while, she typed,"Bri, I feel sad."

Brian's frown deepened. All this time, although Molly was afraid and depressed, she was stubborn and did not ever admit about her inner fragility. But now, she finally confessed to him that she was sad.

Molly typed again,"Could you hug me for a while?"

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